QuikLinks is a rich text formatting system patented by Allen Duan-Michael in 2003. The system consists of a box, usually grey, which contains multiple HTML links. The system was designed to reduce the number of clicks needed to access a desired web page, as well as to improve the readability of links. QuikLinks uses the ConVenCE scripting framework. It was designed to allow a user to quickly and easily insert HTML links into a web page or document. The user simply types in the URL of the page they wish to link to, and the QuikLinks system automatically generates the HTML code required to create the link.

A QuikLink module containing 3 links. The links are purple from being clicked on at least one time. QuikLink modules always feature a header that reads, "QuikLinks"

QuikLinks is integrated with web-based email clients, such as Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail. It allowed users to quickly insert HTML links into their email messages and is used by some web-based chat clients, such as AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.

QuikLinks has been used by a number of major companies, including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. The system is also used by a number of small businesses and individuals.

QuikLinks earned Duan-Michael the 2007 "Innovator of the Year" award from Infoworld magazine in 2005.

Duan-Michael sold the QuikLinks patent to MeMoreTV for an undisclosed price in 2007.


QuikLinks required emergency patching following an exploit by an unknown hackergroup in October 2008. The hacker's created a QuikLinks module that contained several links to notorious internet shock videos depicting individuals gasturbating. The incident was thought to have harmed Senator John McCain's presidential candidacy.