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May, 2023

Skeleton Realm Magazine, May 2023

Article Spotlight

2042 Doug as seen in Episode 20 of Skeleton Realm LIVE!
2042 Doug is a future iteration of Doug, primarily known for his ruined digital footprint. Doug drives a Hyundai Starship and has distinctive bright red facial hair that is a result of his rise in social status, denoted by "The Bright Brow System."

In 2033, Doug flew into Zebulon 6 to refuel and learned how to dance from scavengers while he was there.

After requesting a Monster Energy Drink from 2042 Sam's Cyber Assistant, he was informed that all Monster Energy had been lost in the Poorgon War of 2029. The Cyber Assistant provided a custom-made synthetic Monster Energy, which Doug claimed "tasted organic."

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Are You Sure You Knew...

Porsonville deli affected by poisoning
...that Porsonville Crawdaddy Culture began after Porsonville Mayor George McMichaels allowed the sale of poisoned meats, for which he was later hanged?

...that Burlow Chemical's cleaning product known as “Burlow’s Best All-Purpose Cleaner,” contains a chemical called methylene chloride?

...that Fecal Spring Records' roster includes roster includes artists such as Sir Culation, The Pastrymen, Trace Anderson, Mississippi Delta Boys, Lil Stomper, The Chastity Men, Lil StankBug, The Horn Blowers, Burnt Melons, Crumb Baby, Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Orchestra, Horny, The Caboosers, The By-Way Boys, The Cream Makers Band, ToeNail, The Me and My big Time Buddies Band?