Corey Tower

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Corey Tower displaying Corey's name.

Corey Tower is an old steam power smoke stack in Atlanta, Georgia that stands above the location where interstates I-20, I-75 and I-85 converge. Corey Tower was purchased when the tower was no longer needed by a former real estate agent with the last name Corey. He then fitted Corey Tower with a 25ft by 80ft screen which he now uses to display his thoughts with the help of his graphic artist T. Lee Gunselman.[1][2]

Plans of a second Corey Tower

Corey, in partnership with MeMoreTV, continue to have plans on constructing a replica Corey Tower on Wrenwood Pl NE inside the Edgewood Retail District. The news of the second tower came in August of 2022, when an Instagram account, owned by Corey himself, made with the intent for sharing images of Corey's thoughts as they appeared on Corey Tower each day, revealed that Corey had plans to construct a replica Corey Tower in the Edgewood Retail District. The prospect of a new Corey Tower inside the District upset many of it's locals and employees causing a 'rivalry' between the lovers of the Retail District and the Corey Tower Instagram account. The beginning of the tower's construction were halted when pictures of Corey's penis and private testicles were blackmailed to him by Edgewood Best Buy employees who had obtained the photos from Corey's personal computer he had taken in to get fixed. Development on Edgewood's Corey Tower continues to be at a standstill.[1][2]