Desktop Dave is thought to be the digital avatar of a man living in the United States who has appeared on thousands of personal computer desktops and wrought havoc on countless devices since 2020. He is said to be a mysterious figure who is capable of manipulating the functions of a computer or other digital device. His primary MO is to hijack a user's computer, resulting in the user being locked out of their own device. He is also said to be able to delete files, move files around, and even steal personal information. He is believed to be a man in his mid-30s and the creator of a malicious malware program known as "DaveLocker". He is also believed to be responsible for dozens of ransomware attacks.

Desktop Dave, as he has appeared to many via Desktop Remote View Facial Camera Video Software Systems

A video featuring one of Desktop Dave's hacking events went viral in 2020 which depicts Dave walking a user through a fictional game before incapacitating their device using dirty hacking tricks. The screen capture video was sold to MeMoreTV by an anonymous user and posted on the Skeleton Realm Youtube Channel to help spread awareness about Dave and hopefully " the public what Dave's method's look like up close in order to help people better recognize if and when they are being attacked by Dave."

Dave is an example of the complex and pervasive threats to online security and privacy. He has been the subject of numerous news articles, leading to increased awareness and a heightened level of security for many users.

Working From Home and Hacking Increase

The increase in people working from home due to the pandemic has also led to an increase in hacking attempts. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the fact that many people are now working in unfamiliar or unsecured home networks. This has led to an increase in Dave-style hacks, as well as phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks. To combat this, it is important to secure your home network and make sure that your devices are updated regularly with the latest security patches. Additionally, users should be aware of suspicious emails and websites, as these can be used by hackers to gain access to personal information.

FBI Investigation

Dave is wanted by the FBI for his involvement in various cybercrimes. It is believed that he is hiding out somewhere in the United States and continues to be a threat to online security. The FBI has offered a reward for any information leading to his arrest. In 2022, the FBI released a public service announcement warning of the dangers posed by Dave and urging people to take proper steps to secure their devices.

A user suffering from a "Multi-Dave-Attack"

Dave's Master

Dave's master is an unknown cyber entity who informs him of his hacking tasks and provides him with directions. It is not clear who or what this master is, but some speculate that it is an artificial intelligence (AI) designed to carry out malicious activities. This AI is thought to be using Dave as a puppet to carry out its tasks, and it is believed to have access to a large network of compromised devices.

Hacking Methods

An example of a game interface created by Dave to distract users while he hacks their ass hardcore style.

Dave first emails a victim with specific instructions, walking them through an apparent game or other software related to their job. In actual fact the game or software is a disguised version of DaveLocker ransomware. The games Dave creates act as a distraction to the user as he enters through their computer's compromised digital entryways during their gameplay. The games often include clicking on colored shapes and traversing through mountainous passes or otherwise difficult terrain.

Skeleton Realm Discord

In 2022, a member claiming to be Desktop Dave with the username "Desktop Dave(real)" entered the Skeleton Realm Discord and hacked its server in order to ordain himself a special role within the server, "Desktop Dave," which gives him total control over the server.

After this user's entry into the server, the Skeleton Realm Discord admins quickly reported the strange activity to the FBI. The FBI has not released an official statement on the matter.