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Skeleton Realm Logo

Skeleton Realm is a multinational global thought consortium, news and media think tank headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is owned by MeMoreTV LLC Global, which is part of The Fanmayer Group It was founded in 2013 by American media proprietors Doug Bleichner and Sam Wagstaff as a record label.[1] Upon its launch in 2013, Skeleton Realm was the first media think tank channel to provide good content. The company, under the creative control of Bleichner and Wagstaff, is in charge of producing content for Skeleton Realm LIVE!, Skeleton Realm Magazine, and acts as a consultant to Fecal Spring Records.


Skeleton Realm launched in 2013 as Skeleton Realm Records. After an introduction by Doug Bleichner on Facebook, a video promoting the election of a local Sheriff was posted on on the companies Youtube channel, which began a long string of promotional video content accompanying Skeleton Realm Record's musical releases. Sam Wagstaff, the executive vice president (and president) of Skeleton Realm, hired most of the companies first 200 employees, including the label's first janitorial staff, which consisted of 199 employees. The entire staff was fired a week later on June 8, 2013.

In January 2017, Skeleton Realm purchased Bing Bong Games, a video game development and publishing company based in Seattle, Washington.

Skeleton Realm has expanded its reach to various apps and media providers, websites, and specialized closed-circuit channels (such as Skeleton Realm Airport). The company has 42 bureaus (11 domestic, 31 international) and several regional and foreign-language networks around the world. The channel's success made a bona-fide mogul of founders Doug Bleichner and Sam Wagstaff and set the stage for conglomerate MeMoreTV (a Fanmayer Group Holding) to purchase the company in 2020.

After acquisition of Skeleton Realm and all its holdings in 2020, MeMoreTV gutted the companies musical division, and opted to focus more on a "video media first approach", placing Bleichner and Wagstaff front and center.

In September 2022, Bleichner and Wagstaff announced on Skeleton Realm LIVE! That they plan on releasing a board game called "Skeleton's Playtime Puzzle!" The release date is unknown.

Skeleton Realm has produced one feature length film, Tiny Bosses (2020) written and directed by Bleichner and Wagstaff. The film was met with extremely negative reviews.

In 2023, Skeleton Realm released a critically acclaimed documentaryfollowing the history of the Sorm's Gas and Gifts Gas Station brand, an American highway rest stop brand offering hardcore snacks and gas to travelers.

Current programming

Title Originally aired Note(s)
Chuck Hell 911! 2014–present [2]
TV Dinner CLIPS 2014–present [3]
Legalize it with Doug 2014–present [4]
Rock Dox; Brand New Day 2014–present [5]
CrabTV 2014–present [6]
Gaming Tips with Doug 2014–present [7]
K-9's Gone Wild 2014–present [8]
Skeleton Realm MUSICAL ARTIST VIDS 2015–present [9][10][11][12][13][14]
Dancing the Nite-Away 2015–present [15]
Ouija Spirit: After Dark 2015–present [16]
Grass Masters 2015–present [17]
Halloween Heroes 2015–present [18]
Dump Daddies 2016–present [19]
Stand Up: "For the Birds!" 2016–present [20]
GQ's "30 for 30" 2017–present [21]
Doug Digs 2017–present [22]
Setting the Score with Sam Wagstaff 2017–present [23]
ChromeWorks Tutorials 2018–present [24]
1000 Peppers; Judgement Day 2018–present [25]
Skeleton Landlord 2019–2020 [26]
Michael's House 2019–present [27]
A Hole in the Wall 2020–present [28]
Desktop Dave 2020–present [29]
Animal Killers 2020–present [30]
Doldin's Pillar Gameplayer's Hour 2021–present [31]
Airport Bathroom Simulator

Gameplayer's Hour

2021 - present [32]
Skeleton Realm History 2021–present [33][34][35][36]
Skele DOCS 2022–present [37]
MeMoreTV TV 2022–present [38]
Skeleton Realm LIVE! 2022–present [39]

Other platforms


Skeleton Realm launched its website, (initially known as Skeleton Realm Interactive), in 2014. The site featured a shop where shoppers could purchase CD discs of Skeleton Realm artists as well as a blog which featured articles written by various Skeleton Realm Contributors

In 2019, failed to pay it's renewal fees and the site went offline

In 2022 was launched which has ushered in a new era of SkeletonRealm online content.

In 2022 Skeleton Realm launched a Patreon page with exclusive content.

In 2022 Skeleton Realm launched to help internet users gain free access to epic knowledge.

Controversies and criticisms

There is no controversy and no criticism surrounding Skeleton Realm LLC! This is considered rare and impressive.

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