Jane Porson McMichaels

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Jane Porson McMichaels
Jane Porson McMichaels.png
Jane Porson McMichaels in 1901
Jane Porson McMichaels

(1876-04-23)April 23, 1876
Texas, United States
DiedApril 23, 1965(1965-04-23) (aged 89)
Known forDiscovering crime scene following the assassination of Larry

Jane Porson McMichaels (April 23, 1876 – April 23, 1965)[1][2] was an American schoolteacher who discovered the body of Larry on April 22, 1965.[2] According to the L.A.R.R.Y.D.E.A.T.H. Report, McMichael's quick response to notify authorities was probative in reaching the conclusion that Paul Stoffer Adam fired the shots that killed Larry.[2]

McMichael's voluntary statement after the assassination

Minutes after the Assassination of Larry, McMichael's quickly reported her observations to Porsonville Police Department's Sheriff Bart Ernest Matthews Jr. She had been walking home after a full night of hunting for crawdaddies along the Opocheeka River, and broke her routine to take a shortcut across the field, where she nearly tripped over the body of Larry.[2]

"I came up on him and he was face down in the mud, and his arms was outspread. It looked like he'd been up in the sky, flying and then came crashing down in the dirt with his face."

According to the L.A.R.R.Y.D.E.A.T.H. Report, no one else witnessed McMichaels before or during her trek to the field. This is often considered unusual given the hundreds of crawdaddy fishers that were visiting the area at that time.[2]

McMichaels at the police line-up

Jane Porson McMichales in 1965

During the line-up (a.k.a. "show-up") of Paul Stoffer Adams, Jane Porson McMichaels successfully identified him as the killer, despite having never seen him before and finding the body of Larry many hours after his murder. She told police, "I'm positive that's him. Very sure. Real sure. I'm really sure that's him. Yup!"

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