The By-Way Boys

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The By - Way Boys performing at "Sunn Festival" In Stockholm, 2017.

The By-Way Boys are a musical group from Thailand formed in 1980. The group's musical style is a blend of popular Thai music with Western rock and roll. The group's name is a play on the Thai phrase "Xnụ̀ng", which means "by the way". The By Way Boys were founded in 1980 by four friends: Tham Na-Rag, Atin Atyakul, Pongs Srik, and Vera Prateepl. The four had all been members of a Thai rock band called Crab, which had achieved some success in the late 1970s. When Crab broke up, the four decided to form their own group.

The By Way Boys' first album, Poo Yai Ban, was released in 1981. The album was a hit, and the group became one of the most popular bands in Thailand. They went on to release a number of successful albums throughout the 1980s. The By Way Boys' popularity began to decline in the early 1990s, due to the rise of grunge and alternative rock. The group broke up in 1994, but reformed in 2017. They have released two albums since their reunion. The Band is currently signed to Fecal Spring Records.


Studio albums

* Poo Yai Ban (1981)

* Mae Tiew (1982)

* Khon La Krachao (1984)

* Luk Thung Isan (1985)

* Nang Fa (1987)

* Mai Yai Laew (1989)

* Pae Suay (1992)

* Pleng Luk Thung (1993) Compilation albums

* By Way Hits (1999)

* The Best of The By Way Boys (2009) Live albums

* Live in Bangkok (1990)

Reunion albums

* Luk Thung Isan (2018)

* Luk Thung Isan 2 (2022)