The Horn Blowers

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The Horn Blowers in 2013.

The Horn Blowers is a trombone quartet founded in 1984 by trombonist Trimm Dict and saxophonists Scott Borman and John Sterling. The fourth member of the quartet is randomly selected each year from a lottery system in which anyone can enter on the Band's website. The group has released recordings on the ECM label and has won awards from Downbeat, The New York Times, and The Village Voice. The band is a "trombone maximalist" group that uses "dynamic and ever-changing harmonies to create an exciting and memorable sound." their music has been featured in films such as "The Dark Knight", "The Prestige", "The Machinist", "The Tree of Life", and "The Help".

The Horn Blowers were selected as an official "birthday band" for the king of siam, Thailand, Rama VII on October 1, 2006.

The Horn Blowers are known for their signature "style"

The Horn Blowers are signed to Fecal Spring Records.


1984 The Horn Blowers

1985 The New York Times

1986 The Village Voice

1987 The Dark Knight

1988 The Prestige

1989 The Machinist

1990 The Tree of Life

1991 The Help