Sporadic Beasting

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A classic sporadic beasting physique, showing the extreme of both phases.

"Sporadic Beasting" is a system devised by professor and hiller Doug Bleichner, where an individual undergoes a rapid transformation, becoming extremely muscular over a six-month period, followed by a subsequent six-month period during which they become morbidly obese. The system differs from the classic Bodybuilding phases of bulking (gaining muscle and some fat) and cutting (losing fat and some muscle). Instead, Bleichner's system distinguishes itself by avoiding the common "yo-yo effect"[1] seen in traditional bodybuilding routines. Instead, it aims to maximize muscle growth while simultaneously achieving leanness. "Sporadic Beasting" is renowned not only for its manifold health benefits but also for its intriguing impact on social interactions.

Beasting Phase

The "Beasting" phase marks the initial half of the twelve-month transformation journey. During this phase, individuals undertake a relentless pursuit of extreme muscularity and peak physical condition, becoming both muscular and lean. Individuals are expected to train everyday and eat exceptionally clean. It is also common to use performance-enhancing substances (cycling steroids) in this phase.

The culmination of the "Beasting" phase is marked by the following

  • 5% Body Fat (competition ready)[2]
  • Extreme Muscularity
  • Bench Press PR the max weight obtained in the Obesity Phase[3]
    • If an individual achieves a weight of 600lbs in the Obesity Phase then they should be able to bench press 600lbs in the Beasting Phase
  • Drastically reduced Testosterone Levels[4], similar to that of a baby or elderly individual

At the end of the "Beasting" phase, an individual feels like a beast for 1 or 2 days before moving on to the next phase.[5]

Obesity Phase

The "Obesity" phase constitutes the latter segment of the distinctive twelve-month transformation system. This stage is characterized by a deliberate increase in body fat and a rapid transition towards extreme morbid obesity. Participants in this phase actively pursue a significant increase in body weight, accompanied by a notable upsurge in adipose tissue, called "Gains". This unconventional approach challenges conventional bodybuilding cycles which typically involve healthy eating and constant physical exercise. In contrast the "Obesity" phase is marked by