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Fabricia Cover

Fabricia is a 2022 Medieval-Style Fantasy Comedy novel written by Doug Bleichner and released by Skeleton Realm Press. The story follows a man who creates khaki fabric in Fabricia, a land where various fabrics vie for villager's fashion loyalties. It is available for purchase NOW.As of 2023, the novel is the 1,501,483rd best selling book on Amazon.

Fabricia is officially considered to be a "worthless novel" given it's rejection by traditional literary "gate keepers" who use their advanced knowledge of marketability, readability, intrigue, and FUN to determine a novel's "Worth-Score," which grades the work on a scale of 1-1000. Fabricia has received a 4. A score this low gives the work a negative monetary value, meaning the novel's author should technically be required to pay readers in order for them to read the book. Despite the novel's terrible reception, MeMoreTV has deemed it to be good content.


Jim Jimston makes khaki in Fabricia, a realm where denim garb has reigned supreme as the customary clothing for centuries. After inheriting his father's khaki factory, the first of its kind, Jim falls into the role of khaki master with ease. Jim is content, until one day his life comes crashing down.

Fabricia features 126 footnotes which further describe and build the universe of Fabricia.


The novel has been largely ignored by members of the so called "literary industry." Many have criticized the novel for being "not good, bizarre, strange, weird, juvenile, immature, boring, not in any way sellable, has a lackluster ending." It is widely considered by "literary insiders" to be a novel which is "unsellable" due to it being bizarre yet at the same time boring. Critics have also noted that author Doug Bleichner himself is "boring, uninteresting, and has nothing that unique about him. He's just a regular boring American middle class guy living in Decatur, Ga. Yawn." Bleichner is also not a famous celebrity living in New York City, Los Angeles, or London.

A disturbingly high number of Literary agents have opted to outright ignore the Novel when queried about representation in their email inbox, leading some to believe that the literary industry has blacklisted Doug Bleichner en masse.


In 2022, with the help of fellow Skeleton Realm founder Sam Wagstaff, Bleichner recorded a nearly 8 hour audiobook narration of the novel which is available on audible.com

MeMoreTV Film Adaptation

Despite the book's lackluster reviews and disturbingly low sales, MeMoreTV moved forward in 2022 with a film adaptation of the novel as a part of a deal made with Bleichner previously in 2020 during the acquisition of his company Skeleton Realm. The film is only available to a select few number of Triple Play Classic subscribers via MeMoreTV's new online gaming, streaming and "self watching" service. Bootleg snippets of the film can be found on various junk sites online.

In 2023, Bleichner announced that he would be creating a visual audiobook AKA an Illuminated Audiobook based on stills from the film to accompany his narration of the novel. The Release date for this project is still unknown.