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Hatreon is a membership platform that connects haters with content creators that they loathe. Members must complete a rigorous background test to confirm their hatred, and once approved- earn a monthly fee from content creators. Members on Hatreon (otherwise known as "Haters"), are viewable by the content creators. Hatreon charges a commission of 16 to 19 percent of creators' monthly income, in addition to payment processing fees.

Doug discusses the site on the Inaugural Skeleton Realm LIVE![1]. Doug and Sam discover that they have 200 Hatreon subscribers at the time of filming, most of which are federal prisoners. After the destruction of alternative prison Speedmont Correctional Facility Hatreon noticed a sizeable drop in users[2]. Sam shares that an unnamed prisoner used their Hatreon income to pay for a defense lawyer who appealed the court to get the inmate off of death row. "One day, we will outnumber the Haters. And it will be a beautiful day." The SRL Patreon currently has 145 subscribers.