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Skeleton Realm LIVE! is a weekly internet livestream hosted by Doug Bleichner and Sam Wagstaff. The series is produced by MeMoreTV, an American media conglomerate. It airs every Wednesday at 8pm EST on the Skeleton Realm Youtube ChannelSkeleton Realm LIVE! and is filmed in Skeleton Realm Studios.

Bleichner and Wagstaff appearing in an episode of Skeleton Realm LIVE! in front of the shows iconic yellow curtains.


In 2022, Doug Bleichner and Sam Wagstaff signed a contract with MeMoreTV to produce 800,000 episodes of an hour long weekly internet livestream called Skeleton Realm LIVE! Bleichner and Wagstaff received no money in this deal, up front, and are to be paid after the 800,000th episode is recorded. The show has since garnered the attention of various celebrities including Torn Up Stark White Whitaker, The Pastrymen and many more (see Skeleton Realm LIVE! Guests). The show also features Bleichner and Wagstaff giving information about their lives. The shows are not pre written or otherwise planned in any capacity as per the request of MeMoreTV executives who have demanded that Skeleton Realm LIVE feature completely off the cuff style podcast neo-real elements of hardcore "reality-speak" for fans of modern day "real-talk" or "manbabble."

Notable Features

Skeleton Realm LIVE! contains some notable features which set it apart from other livestreams or "podcasts." Despite frequent comparisons to traditional podcasts, the creators have pushed back on this characterization, with Bleichner going as far as to claim explicitly, "The show is not a podcast, it's not a fucking podcast."

Distinct visual elements of the show include its signature yellow curtains, which features one prominent large fold dubbed Yellowmenn's Trench, and a white table and rotating Skeleton Realm "Seal of Approval" logo. Many episodes also feature a rotating item on Bleichner and Wagstaff's desk, perched atop a white rotating disk.

Graphics on the show are featured either over the shoulder ("OTS") or between Bleichner and Wagstaff on screen. They contain a distinct graphical style and are created by Bleichner.

The show's YouTube stream features a classic YouTube live chat in which Realmers converse among themselves and discuss the show as it happens. Bleichner and Wagstaff often refer to the chat and read various messages sent by chatting Realmers. The Skeleton Realm LIVE! live chat is moderated by Dana.


In April 2022, Skeleton Realm LIVE! launched a Skeleton Realm Patreon Page to facilitate rapidly growing viewer support for the show.

Skeleton Realm's Patreon page is the digital home of its most elite and secretive group, The VIP LORD PREMIUM ELITE tier, which is comprised of the best and brightest Skeleton Realm community members from around the globe.

The 5 dollar Patreon tier (Official Skele Freak) gives users access to Pater's Paradise on the discord server, the ability to become a Skelepedia Junior Scholar, and access to the Pater's Podcast, a weekly podcast recorded by Bleichner and Wagstaff[1]

The 10 dollar Patreon tier (Super Epic Baller Apprentice) gives users the aforementioned perks as well as access to calling in during live call in episodes of Skeleton Realm LIVE! and Pater's Podcast.[1]

The 20 dollar Patreon tier (Super Epic Baller) gives users the aforementioned perks and also enrolls them in a merch program wherein they receive a new piece of exclusive Skeleton Realm merch once each quarter through the year.[1]

The 35 dollar Patreon tier (VIP LORD PREMIUM ELITE) gives users all of the aforementioned perks but also gives them access to a secret discord server and allows the user to have a Skelepedia page of their own. This tier also provides other exclusive perks that remain unknown to the public. Members of this tier are automatically inducted into the VIP LORD PREMIUM ELITE tier group, a society who's origins date back over 100 years.[1]

The 100 dollar Patreon tier (HARDCORE ELITE MANIAC) gives the pater access to all aforementioned perks, including a secret as of yet unknown perk. This tier is only for the most prestigious and wealthiest of Realmers.[1]


The Discord group "Skeleton Realm Clubhouse" is a place for fans of Skeleton Realm LIVE! to come together and chat. The group is a place for fans to connect with each other and discuss the show. Anyone can join the discord here:

Skeleton Realm LIVE! are the owners of a specialized version of the super advanced chat AI; Chat Bocks who is very knowledgeable in all things Skeleton Realm. Chat Bocks resides in their own channel within the discord where Realmers can ask it questions about the show.


Skeleton Realm LIVE! Episodes
Episode number Style Title Notes
1 Back to the Basics Skeleton Realm Live Ep 1 Hatreon, Mr. Fibs, Fabricia, MeMoreTV
2 Back to the Basics Skeleton Realm Live Ep 2 + Part 2: Skeleton Realm Live Ep 2 Skeleton Realm Magazine, Men of Leisure, GeoKnowr, Gorgon's Minion: Part 2
3 Back to the Basics Hypnosis and BODY MODS! E-Pets, Monster Energy, Orbsmann's, Body Mods, Pierre Toussaint, Curse Word Bot
4 Back to the Basics HIT and RUN! Doug's Uninsured car TOTALED - It's Over! Mississippi Delta Boys, Lil Stomper, Cartoon Guys
5 Back to the Basics LOST historic Presidential Speech FOUND! Time Capsule! The Chastity Men, Lil StankBug, Sfanser Sfanser, Dust Bowl II
6 Back to the Basics Country Music Star EXPOSED! Ancient GLUEMAN Animated Once Again! Trace Anderson, Glueman, Ptree
7 Back to the Basics Deaf Horses Permanently CURED! Cat Herder and the Prison Gaurd
8 Back to the Basics Poisoned! Sickness and Low Energy Due To Poisoning. King Garquinius 539847563, Skourman's Goose Hole, 23 and I
9 Back to the Basics EXTREME Sports Tournathalon! Thawed Corpse?! Diet Coke Prize??? Skex Tournathalon X-TREME 2022
10 Special of Ten Post Ironic Meta-Modern (MetMod) Humor Explained! Live COOKING "Rancheroni!" Light Guided Alert System, Rancheroni, Sorm's Bumper Stickers
11 Special HUGE Birthday secrets unveiled? LIVE Grilling Fiasco! YIKES! Sam's Birthday, Sorm's, TNTHF Summer Challange, Natsuro Dolls, Skeleton Realm Magazine July '22
12 Back to the Basics Sewer Pipe Exploded! Live Laughter Track?! Yellowmenn's Trench, Yellow Curtains, "Logged In" Song
13 Special A.I. Sexuality, Twitter Trolling and Cube Framing with Doug Bleichner Doug Bleichner, Hilling, Cube Framing, Sexually Jacking Off, Inverse Confusion Relationship, Trolling, Sporadic Beasting
14 Back to the Basics Impressions! Barber Shop Boys! Back to the Basics! Back to the Basics, Chromeworks, Linman, Jacked Out Gabriel, Body Metrics
15 Back to the Basics Comment Sweepstakes Winners Announced! G-Day Memories Doug's Cats, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, G day, Raymond Ball, Skeleton Realm Magazine August '22
16 Back to the Basics Pitching To NBC! We bought Fishing Gear! Blair House, Sam's Fishing Vest, P.A.T.S, Ray Bates
17 Special Our Studio Blew Up!? How?! Skeleton Realm Studios
18 Special LIVE from JAIL! We are in JAIL! Speedmont Correctional Facility, Judge Faster
19 Back to the Basics We are FREE from jail! Speedmont Correctional Facility, Judge Faster, Corey Tower, Chat Bocks, Skeleton Realm Magazine September '22
20 Special of Ten Time Traveling "Future Selfs?" 20 Years of Gags? 2042 Sam, 2042 Doug, The Schism, Gasturbation
21 Special Bus Boy Turned Millionaire and Bird Holes w/T. Lee Gunselman T. Lee Gunselman, Corey Tower, The Cloaca Lounge
22 Back to the Basics Cyber Sprite Appears?! Doug Gets "Scrooged?" Chromer, Content Blast, Fabricia, Bishop's Spray
23 Back to the Basics Skelepedia ANNOUNCED! Skeleton Realm BOARD GAME?!?! Skeleton's Playtime Puzzle!, Rope Diet, The Zergeist, Cafe Jazz, You, Welcome to Skelepedia
24 Back to the Basics Trevor is HIRED! Hardcore Halloween CERTIFIED?! American Halloween Association, Linman, Trevor Noah, Emotion Blast, Skeleton Realm Magazine October '22
25 Back to the Basics Doug met ScareCrow?!?! Spice Cracker Burger REVIEW! Ship Blaster, Mama and Booboo, Pit Maneuver, Porper's
26 Back to the Basics A Branded Threeway?! Raw Dolphins in the Back?! Cube Smart, Branded Threeway, SRL 2095 Plan
27 Special Realmer's Halloween Extravaganza! Red Devil and The Leashman??? Red Devil and Leashman, Meezies Yumbar
28 Back to the Basics Thanksgiving Assassination Tips and StikyBoil ORBS! Orbsmann's Stiky Boil-Orbs, Hammers, Geegan Y'all, Skeleton Realm Magazine November '22
29 Back to the Basics Trash = Treasure?! Bone Hue Plugins??? Nausea Con, Sigs, Bone Hue Photoshop Plugin, Doug Bleichner (Robot)
30 Special of Ten Chromer's Gettin' A Bod! Chromer, Tiny Jack, Body Mods, Surgery Surge Initiative
31 Special REALMER’S Thanksgiving!!! We got a TurkME! Phaser, TurkME!, Realmer's Thanksgiving Pledge, Swock, Turkeymen, 23 and I
32 Back to the Basics Golden Age Upon Us?! Chat Mod Admin Reveal?! Dana, Upcoming Golden Age,, Skeleton Realm Magazine December '22
33 Back to the Basics Ancient Prophets Uncovered?! Nerds Vs. Jocks! Macon Mug-Swap, Nerd Challange, NightMare Report, Ancient Elders
34 Back to the Basics Cubes On The Move! HOT Parents! Doug Bleichner's Parents, Skeleton Realm Flash Mob, Cubes and Rhomboided Hexatriagonals entering the Circular area 2023, Winter Boss, Teacher Act
35 Special CHRISTMAS CAKE-OFF?! Special Guests: Paul & Paulina Beanie! Paul Beanie, Orbsmann's, Ptree Decs, Do My Tasks: Medieval
36 Back to the Basics Linman is Royalty?! We're gettin' "tombed" Linman, "Fast Armed" Lester, Skeleton Realm Undersea Cables, MeMoreTV Doctor Check-in
37 Special Honoring Deceased Realmers. GUEST: Alex Bailey! Alex Bailey, Deceased Realmers, Paul Beanie, Skeleton Realm Magazine January '23
38 Back to the Basics Dollification would be FUN?! Destroy All Old Things NOW Bishope Academy (The Drivers' Academy), Rollers, MeMoreTV Turnspectrum Auxiliary Turn Signal Kit, Dollification
39 Back to the Basics WAKE UP! Our Files Have Entered Your Device. Skeleton Realm File Storage System, Torture the Orb, You
40 Special of Ten We Love SORM'S! Sorm's, Backflip Pads, Patreon Income Goals
41 Back to the Basics Buzz Lightyear Lives With Us Buzz Lightyear, SpringBall, Skeleton Realm Magazine February '23
42 Back to the Basics Which The Beatles Are We? Orber's Codex Golden GooseEgg Obsession Phase, SpringBall, Orbsmann's
43 Back to the Basics Blue Ball vs. Red Cube! Final Showdown: Round 1 Farting and Shitting Fair 2023, Borbingo's Gourmet Popcorn, SpringBall, Burlow Chemical
44 Back to the Basics We Are badass Heroes! Torture Center, Pumpkinano's, Yellow Curtains
45 Back to the Basics Myth: BUSTED! Haters: Is That the BEST You Can Do? SpringBall, SÜG Sytems, Surgery Surge, Mr.Beast, Realmer Anthem, Skeleton Realm Magazine March '23
46 Back to the Basics Chit Chat! Non-Skippable Ad-Swag Doug's Birthday, Linman, Phaser, Gorbulation, Joe Rogen
47 Back to the Basics Joe Rogan and Mr. Beast. I'm Going to Explode Medieval Style Dungeon, Rockabilly Mecca, Mr.Beast, Joe Rogen
48 Back to the Basics Linman Cleans Our Home. Sam's Court Room Swagger Skourman's Goosman, Linman, Skeleton Realm Discord, Mosquito Hunter, Petals
49 Back to the Basics Brand Ultimatum! Sam's Toe System SpringBall, Judge Faster, Bing Bong Games
50 Special of Ten Back To School! Bishope Academy (Main Academy), Chromer, Phaser, Wicker Orb, Judge Faster, Hans Chromen, Swock, The Schism, Skeleton Realm LIVE! Band Album: 50!, Skeleton Realm Magazine April '23
51 Back to the Basics Soda Tube Swag. Big Ref. YARD WARS! SRL! TikTok, Rudolph Weismann, Men's Summer 2023 Fashion, Yard Wars
52 Special 1 Year Anniversary! Our Bodies Pump Gold SRL! One Year Anniversary OTS T-shirt Tournament, Body Gold, 2024 Bets, SRL Body Stats, Tiny Jack
53 Back to the Basics Damon Shrunk?! Vehicle bonding?! Orbsmann's, Paul Beanie, Yard Wars, Damon Shrunk
54 Back to the Basics Ball Swag. Invoice SOLUTIONS. Ancient Here NOW! Fashion in Baseball, Body Mods, Invoice Solutions, Skeleton Realm Magazine May '23
55 Back to the Basics King Charles Recognizes ORB?! CareTeem, Skeleton Realm Studios, The Orbsmen
56 Back to the Basics Radio REVIEWS. Feel Fashion!!! Feel Fashion, HeHow, SaltyTea, Skeleton Realm LIVE! Calendar, 99.1 The Piss, WORB fm, 88.8 WRAK, The Chosen One, Bishop's Spray
57 Back to the Basics You've Changed. Highway Mega Adoption You, Poison Bars, Mr and Mrs Moomoo, Skeleton Realm LIVE! 2023 State Road Mega Adoption, PowerBlasters
58 Back to the Basics Undercover Boss! Sam Gets TRAINED! Fully Doug planned episode, Private War: Snipers, Cell Replacement Therapy, Teleportation, Sam's Training, Internet Break of 2023, Me3D Me and ME Digital Offspring Creator
59 Back to the Basics Trent Lenkarski! Me3d Ai Software! Cute = Cringe? Trent Lenkarski, Me3D Me and ME Digital Offspring Creator, Jorm Tracey, P&L Contractors LLC, Skeleton Realm Magazine June '23
60 Special of Ten Diggin' In The Dirt (1/2) + Diggin' In The Dirt (2/2) Groundnauts, DOOC, DOOC E, PBMk3 "Dirty Diaper", Jorm Tracey, Tiny Jack, Damon Shrunk, Skeleton Realm LIVE! Band Album: Diggin' In The Dirt
61 Back to the Basics Just Shit on Me. Jorm Has the Dirty Diaper Bishope Academy (University System), Dr.Greedus, Jorm Tracey, PBMk3 "Dirty Diaper", Streamer's Hunchback, Santa Claus
62 Back to the Basics OpenRealm Chat Stats?! PooPoo Where We Bathe? Combat Parking, OpenRealm Project, Upstanding Citizens, PooPoo Where We Bathe, Doug's Nicknames, Sam's Nicknames
63 Back to the Basics Realmer Factions STAND DOWN! Realmer factions, Pappy Wagstaff, Jorm Tracey, George Tracy, Stolen Valor Virtual Execution Program, 'Cord Cop TwoShea, Reddit Mod Kongu, Sam's Birthday, Skeleton Realm Magazine July '23
64 Back to the Basics Reverse Swagger. Blues Guitar Rock Style Motel Hunters, Realmer Culture, Raymond's Mission, PDF Pushing, Pump Creative, Belstadt (Velstadt or Bellf Stats), That Little Dowel, Jorm Tracey
65 Back to the Basics Sam's Hot Eggs Bust Doug and Sam Papperazied, Motel Hunters, MeMoreTV AdBot, Papa Psy Day, Pumping Day, Sam's Babies
66 Special Hardcore Birthday Celebration!!! Birthday Stars Dana "Dana the chat mod" and Linman, Doug's Hair, Orbs, Jorm's Motel Hunters Paradise Vacation Adventure
67 Back to the Basics LK99 Uses Springball IE? Smoking W/ Seth and Snope Gorbulation, Seth and Snope, Bishope Academy, SpringBall, Skeleton Realm Magazine August '23
68 Back to the Basics xQc Jacked Our Clip! Black Soda Tube, Clipjacking, QVC aka INXS, GO! Doug, MeMoreTV AdBot, Fantler, Toyunga Ridge Roamer, #GorseFilter, #SkornDance, #MyCommandsChallenge
69 Special New DATING APP. 69 is NOT Dirty. Clean Bot, 69, NewsMouth, Paul Beanie, DateMe, What is Sex?
70 Special of Ten LIVE from NEWSWORLD! NewsMouth, News Nervana, NewsWorld, Tiny Jack, Damon Shrunk, MeMoreVR, Album: I Love 70
71 Back to the Basics Mud Drinkers With New Orleans Swagger New Orleans, 21st Century's Profound Images, Clipjacking, Butt Hats, Pierced Headgear, Apex Noodle
72 Special OOPS! All Guests! 1000th Guest Celebration! + part 2 Skeleton Realm LIVE! Guests, GuestBot, Skeleton Realm Magazine September '23
73 Back to the Basics Lazer BodyHeating = Dangerous Team Bodywork Sessions, Body Strats, Lazer BodyHeating, CinemaFactCheck, Mason's Take Off, Global Vengeance: Redemption, Pon's Journey, Trial (The Movie), Scream Block, Whisper, GumGum's
74 Back to the Basics Cryptids DEBUNKED. Doug wins $25,000.00 AdBot, Chart Challenge: Total Warfare, Skeleton Realm LIVE! Studio Cryptids, Honesty Payment Bot, WildFactsWorld
75 Back to the Basics BUSTING The Yellow Curtain Jorm Tracey, Lester McBride, Hammer Time (TV Series), Family Horns, Scarred Memories, Leg Trend, Connecting The Dots, Red Yarn Buy-Back Program, Wiz Dome, Busting The Yellow Curtain
76 Back to the Basics TONY HAWK! Noisy Neighbors Time put aside, Regalious, Tony Hawk, Bonefish Grill, Buzz Lightyear, Skeleton Realm Magazine October '23
77 Back to the Basics $1,000,000 CASH Giveaway! Free Money!? Money Talks: Show Cash Giveaway, Scare Crow, Cash God, Content Cashgrab, Shop Sprint Cart-2-Cash Buyathalon, Paul Beanie, PPTV
78 Back to the Basics Eternal Battlefield. Watch Me GAME! Eternal Battleground, Scare Crow, Michael Fuel, Celebrity 12455436A, Professional Athlete 90439C3-XB, Celebrity 293874PDE-X333, Celebrity 0-923392ZE.4, Sport Team R-9092.V.33, Professional Athlete 09944345XFDOS.83
79 Back to the Basics You Are NOT Safe Vape CD, Wheezer, Subconscious Purchase Persuasion, Zillow ZJester, You Are Not Safe, Carmichael's WetTar, Pump Away, Santa's Epic Delivery
80 Special of Ten LIVE From the MeMorePD Precinct Buzz Lightyear, Paul Beanie, MeMorePD, Gorn, MeMorePD Bomb Squad, Stealth RPV Operator Cert., Gunmanship Cert., Sniper Cert., Abigail Bleichner, Gabby Wagstaff, Gatlinburg, Judge Faster, Album: Ate E
81 Back to the Basics Sidekicks! Sam's Tech Corner! Sam's Tech Corner, LaunchLite2, Fake Medication Commercial, MeMore Sidekicks, Da Ball Dat Went Round Da World, EasyThreed, Skeleton Realm Magazine November '23
82 Back to the Basics Cold Approach Prank-Techniques Punser, Doug's Hogs, Cold Approach, iRON, EasyThreed, Body Planting, Seg Sense, Squirt, Be Combined, Sam Wagstaff origin
83 Special Thanksgiving Viral Pumping Jorm Tracey, Hammers, Phaser, EasyThreed, How-to Heros, Ghosts of Thanksgiving, SWOCK, Turkey Pumps
84 Back to the Basics Happy Birthday Robert Campbellson Robert Campbellson, VDOT, Hush Bubble, GorseTorn PumpTainment, SRL Falsehood, Doug's Waning Power, Trisantious, Dalmatianification, Prime Orb
85 Back to the Basics TommyCar Tech. Pizza Pumping. "Chocolate", Worst Online Ratings 2023, Sam's Tech Corner, TommyCar, TommyCopter, Gilby Crame, Rat Bucket, Skeleton Realm Magazine December '23
86 Back to the Basics Poisoned by the Grinch on Christmas Eve Santa Claus, The Grinch, Sleeper's Time, RobSquad, Doilak the Torn
87 Special Christmas Special!!! The Grinch, Big Tree, EasyTreed, Raindeer Power, Flash Pad 2.0, Stock-keen, Jorm Tracey
88 Back to the Basics OUCH! Holiday Backlash Character Cut-Outs, Tablespoons, Lartson, Terer Georiga, Morris Heavers, Local Legionnaires of Main Street, Festival of The Marked, DEAMS, Torso Unlimited
89 Back to the Basics Skinny Pants are BACK!!! FashionScribeAi, Doctor Dragon, Hard Facts, Dragons, Mason's Cough, Spongebob Glands, Skeleton Realm Magazine January '24
90 Special of Ten Escape from Newsworld! NewsWorld, NewsMouth, TommyCar, EasyThreed, ECThreedMan, Chromer, NewsWorld Sam, 24 Hour City Key Challenge, Newscantation
91 Back to the Basics Paul Beanie's Receipts! ShoeCam! Paul Beanie, Ether, Mug Minute, PuddleStomper's, JayMichael23's Combat System,, DMT: Medieval
92 Back to the Basics FecoPump Spray, No More Dirty YumPump, Darson's Grille, Crawfordville Beautician Alliance, SkelCorp, D-Point, EcoFeco Pumper Spray, Tom Rollins
93 Back to the Basics PlayMeOK Retro Gaming, SRL Theatre OK Retro, Desktop Dave, Skeleton Realm Theatre, MEQ T.E.S.T., Jorm Tracy, That Little Dowel, SRL Homework, Entirely horse (Byume) written episode
94 Back to the Basics SuperBowl Ad Submission. Micron Movement, Subway SuperBowl Ad, Rock Paper Scissors, SegCommand AI, Ryan Hall, Y'all, Skeleton Realm Magazine May '24
95 Back to the Basics Harry Potter!!! Gorn Cooking Harry Potter, Gorns, Valentines Day Acrobatics, Fecal Prism, Loose Sandbags, Laugh Busters
96 Back to the Basics Frodo Baggins. We HATE Spoons Count My Jumps, PROclean Toilet Restoration, Frodo Baggins, Spoons, Giddy Maids, Wagstaff-Tendaggio marriage


Guests are an integral part to Skeleton Realm LIVE!, they come from every walk of life and most of them are fans of the show! Guests are hand-chosen by GuestBot, a bot designed to manage guests for Skeleton Realm LIVE!. So far every episode have had some amount of notable guests appear, with the exception of episodes: 1, 2, 3, and 13. There have currently been a total of 1709 Guests on Skeleton Realm LIVE! with the 1000th guest appearing on episode 72.

Skeleton Realm LIVE! Guest List


  • The Horn Blowers
  • international fashion icon The Boss
  • James Matthews
  • Tiny Twirlers acrobatic educational alliance
  • Gas Lover Gass Man Terry Thomas
  • Trace Anderson
  • “Tied Real Tight” Sir Culation
  • Famous Attorney Ian Marcus Greenwald
  • Stamp Master Olsen Forger
  • Local Scared man Torn Up Stark White Whitaker
  • Childhood friend who broke my razor scooter Chase McMorpher
  • Inventor of casts Dr. Gabriel
  • English Channel Mike
  • The "Goid" from the Show “Farmer and the Goid”
  • Giovanni DiNardo and the Swainsboro, GA Symphony Orchestra
  • Pasta Man Randy Tamper
  • Burnt Melons
  • Music Lover's Critique Club
  • Slick Slick 3-Legged “Ate Up” Bobby “Sandwhichman” Jones
  • Autozone CEO
  • Dekalb County Highway Master
  • Captain of a local Ship and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rhoades
  • ‘stylized man’ Stylized Keith
  • Crumb Baby
  • Popsicle Boys
  • Steely Dan
  • Triple platinum pop star Horny
  • infamous “Fake” Dancer Misha “Tortellini”
  • Strained Clyde
  • Plumberton
  • Table Top Richard
  • The last person to exit my flight from albuquerque NM to Atlanta in 2019 Terry King
  • Lost Boy
  • Woodland Expert Park Ranger Morton Warner
  • “Chased” Dimitry Nicholas
  • “The Backyard Boss” Grillmaster Tanner Flare
  • George Foreman
  • Butcher Lim Cuttston Randallson
  • Inventor of ketchup Dave Matthews
  • Little Man
  • Grandpa Playdough
  • The United States Army’s 7th Infantry Division
  • The Shit Jester
  • last living survivor of the first car accident on the US interstate system Ben Store
  • The Smacker
  • Tasted “bill” Whorthington
  • The Caboosers
  • Step Son of famous Kickboxer Tam Redd Limo Driver Mark Lewis
  • The By-Way Boys with Byron Matthews
  • Director of new film Snow White and the Dwarf, G. R. Masterson
  • Fee Gordon
  • Old west scholar Tarnished Kate
  • local Gas Station Attendant Linda Forsenberry
  • Stars of Horse Swappers International-Equine Sandy and Bareback Doeman
  • All of Doug and Sam’s first cousins
  • “Try-Hard” Travis
  • author of little house on the prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Some U.S. Senator
  • Laughin’ Robb
  • The Slick-Morphs
  • Tattooed Bobby
  • Little Tiny Tiny Tiny Guy
  • Manny Stewart Posterson
  • Viewers Like You
  • Sparse Leonard
  • The Cream Makers Band
  • Sandal Designer Layman Richards
  • Turtle wrangler Tortuss-Jim
  • Part-Time Sand Blaster Mr. Mayson
  • The Manager of the Best Buy in the Edgewood Shopping district
  • ToeNail
  • Construction Repairmen
  • Light at the end of a long tunnel
  • All of our childhood friends
  • Disaster Cleanup Crew
  • Explosion Men Band
  • The Fire Blasters
  • Fisherman “Sal”
  • The mail guy (if we’re good)
  • The mean guard (if we’re bad)
  • A little bird that lands in the tiny window to the outside world (if we’re good)
  • Braxter
  • Lock Down Larry
  • Jail Guard Terrence
  • “Shrimpston” the River Comber
  • Combat Mike
  • “Two Tales” Tall Tale Teller Timm
  • King Charles
  • Laughterman Stand Up comedian “99 Soapers”
  • the REAL Dunk Daddy Slam Dunk Fosters
  • “Pieced Together” Jigsaw Thomas
  • Apple Farmer
  • 20 year old Braden
  • 20 Managers of 20 different subway restaurants in Atlanta
  • 20 White horses
  • local geriatric Gorbe Oldman
  • CEO of Timer’s Journey Samper Tammer
  • Grandmommy and Grandpoppy
  • inventor of the Baseball bat Ding Dong Bat “Gary” Battmaker
  • Hatter!
  • Beefed Up Damien
  • Marsh man Kelly Stewart
  • Bill Sherman the inventor of the “pantry devil”
  • professional chewer T-Tone
  • Scottish clown Lassman Kilt Kilney
  • Terry Crews
  • “Skidmarked” Randy
  • “magic man Larry sormerson”
  • Sgt. Manheim
  • Little Dittie
  • No Touch Tam
  • A private chef from the Swimdom Resort in Horse Canyon
  • Lyle Turnips farmer from saskatchewan
  • Tip Toeing Rich
  • Jarman Tight Twist Rudolph
  • Sal Tomatorman Inventor of the “Purple Purr Pole”
  • Fire Ring Randal
  • Trent Pham my neighbor from Vietnam
  • The Taste Tester
  • The Bouncing Men
  • Saprina The Dancemaster
  • Lazy C
  • Cheese Matthews
  • 7 Red Cardinals, 7 white doves and 7 black sparrows
  • The Grave Rollers, Fortune Teller Wanda
  • A Spit In The Face of All Who Came Before Him
  • Patch Adams
  • A weathered old man with sage advice
  • Jeal Johnson Michigan Star chef and owner of new restaurant “Pile of Dogshit”
  • All metro Atlanta area employees of Foot Locker
  • The Yellow Leafman
  • Brandon with the tiny feet and big shoes
  • Dirty Clean Up Gang
  • “In pain” uncle Terrence
  • Last Man Standing Challenge champion Phrey Phillips
  • Dog Whistler Collarman Bobby Bones
  • Tight Toes McGuire, Run Down House Owner May Phelps
  • inventor of Lazer Whips Lazerman Gary
  • Christmas Chip Dipper Bradley Mansfield
  • Large and In Charge
  • The Bouncemaster
  • “Animal Wiper” Tarman Zebrason
  • Mr Halloween
  • Mrs Thanksgiving
  • Decoration Hater Horace
  • Keyhole Widener Mark F.
  • Atlanta “school” rapper Report Kard
  • Decorative Melinda
  • Merle “Pot’s n’ Pan’s” Von Hormshein
  • A REAL “Ball Game Caller” for the Atlanta Braves
  • A mysterious wandering traveler I met last night who stayed at my house
  • Candied Rick
  • The Belly Boys
  • MeMoreTV’s Halloween host with the most: Deadman “Scary Scar-body”
  • Chef “Go!”
  • Anonymous Missing Person
  • Perced Percy
  • Trace-ee Tracy
  • Laminator Deniss Sons
  • Butter Baller “Slippery Yellow”
  • Child Rapper Salt Minor
  • Gowner Misha T. Robbtar
  • Lake Maker Storm B. Wetwaves
  • Website Checker Terry B. Reaver
  • Painful Stanley
  • Mascot Rater “25” Carmichaels
  • Painted Stilts Farson
  • Shame Doctor Shamus
  • Lester Champion “The Tame Gamer”
  • Bingo Mamma
  • Weak Martin
  • L.L. Tymer the TIMEKEEPER
  • Best Friends Austin and Peacer
  • If We Could Only Run Director
  • Chase Douglas the Battery Charged man
  • “Gasturbation Manipulation” bar owner Willy Brothmaster
  • Stuffing Stuffer Horn Blowhard
  • The “Dance With Me, Stand Up, and Shout” Crew
  • Lent Lender Trey Mark
  • Tonight Rocks! Enthusiasm Dancers
  • High energy Team A
  • High energy Team B
  • Lofted Davis
  • Nurse Patti
  • Max Deeper
  • Doctor Skin
  • Lars Bloodmaker
  • Medical Rapper Haw Spittle
  • Heavily Medicated Michael
  • Discount Leggs CEO Train Morpher
  • Shuttle Bus Debrah
  • Squirt The Fluid Druid
  • Candlestick “Peanut Baker”
  • Corn Buyer AND Stealer Corn Lorm
  • Colonial Neil
  • Tom Mitchman the Bird Herder
  • “Try not to step on a crack” Henry
  • Brown Lazer Inventor Chuck “Giggles” Yesman
  • Ray “It’s On The Tip of My Tongue” Borbbee Pantomime
  • Kangaroo Hospitality Association President Tina “More Forms” Jackson
  • Dirty Foot
  • 789 Krew
  • Sauce Elimination Crew
  • “Sock’s In His Face” Victor
  • Simon
  • Technology Master Yazmin the Guessmaker
  • The Poop Wipers
  • Pierced Robb
  • “Cooked” Chefmaster Painted Arthur McDonald
  • Sun Tanned
  • Elongation Celebration Coordinator Mary Showerman
  • The all fours dancers
  • Late Night Friends
  • Shy Angermen
  • Waffle House Toast Collector Pam
  • Electric Chief Harry Mimms
  • Harry Potter
  • 20 Gymnasts
  • The Buff Scuba Divers
  • MeMoreTV Executive “Dumbass” Pete Tableson
  • A resident of Starship s-394
  • Cracker Jack Stam Toebman
  • Shipping logistics “insider” Reporter, Ram Rammers
  • A Photo of Phaser’s Tight Ass
  • Sam Wagstaff
  • Doug Bleichner
  • Hashbrowns
  • Caesar Salad
  • Corn Fritters
  • Chicken Cutlet
  • Pancakes with two slabs of butter
  • Stew
  • Curtain Historian Chad Phellers
  • Tennis shoe tightener Larm Heeree
  • Everyone’s brother
  • Wheelbarrow painter “Tested Sherlock”
  • The Lateman
  • Coach Bob
  • The “Please Tease Me” Crew
  • Battery Farmer Ned Destitutionman
  • Woven Carl
  • “Down the street” band
  • Dekalb and Fulton co. Milk Recyclers
  • The Battlemasters
  • Santa Clause
  • Old Saint Nicholas
  • Mrs. Clause
  • Santa’s Elves
  • Santa’s Daughter
  • Yuletide Carol
  • The Peppermint Daddies
  • Mr. Parson Browns
  • Tight
  • Chaffing lotion selection specialist Tome
  • Toothpasters
  • Christmas Pyrotechnics Expert Farmer John
  • Angry Mike
  • Corn
  • Corn 2
  • Corn 3
  • Stuck Up Darm
  • Sandwhich Queen Marmy Gourmaisse
  • PepperHouse CEO Dongle Trademan
  • Toe-Body Work Out Gear Founder Borse Norseman
  • 10,000 Mosquitos
  • Captain Phillips
  • Sormath The Dark Lord Wizard- Holder of the Secrets of Narnon and keeper of the dark pellets
  • “This Rocks” Martha
  • Raymond G. Yarnfodder, the “Tooth Paste King”
  • Linman!
  • Parson the “Gear Slug”
  • “That’s laughable” Garm
  • The Great Northern Tuna Wrangler
  • Naked Swimmer Train Dorphson
  • Low-Life Rimmly Coarsehair
  • Twisted Planned Pam
  • Jogging Instructor Damien Leroy
  • Wet Sweater Lina McCartney
  • Drool Bibb Inventor Spit Gargler
  • Little Man Who Gets Super Mad at me at the bus stop
  • Alex Bailey! Gear Expert
  • Bald Men
  • Seriously Hot individuals
  • Don’t Look at me Toymaster Chuck Feedman
  • “Lazer feet” robotics instructor Jeff Tarnation
  • Shined Winston
  • Graffiti Removal Team Leader for the Atlanta Parklords Association
  • “Beautiful Van” with is Beautiful 1986 Chevrolet Van
  • Losers
  • Dead Beats
  • Hand Shaking Champions Mark and Tina Laafterson
  • The Giraffe Kings
  • Back To the Basics Richard
  • Eye See’er Ray
  • Lemon Squirt Spastic Beatdown Daddy Juicer McMann
  • Cake Developer Jason Mard
  • “Mr. TinyTrot” The Horse Dwarf Himself
  • Underground Workers
  • Underground Builders
  • Underground Excavators
  • Underground Miners
  • Srgt. Torm the Immortal Man
  • Traveling taste tester Sarah Mitchellsons
  • Let’s Pretend We’re Having Fun Organization Founder Larmont Bishopsons
  • Chase Rounder, the shit eating maniac
  • Last Leg Ron
  • The Cast of the 1976 film “Popsicle Heaven”
  • Roadside Randall
  • Mr. Tire
  • The Looper
  • Poison Spray Avoider
  • Jacer Tulip
  • Cricket Daniels
  • “Just let me have fun” Sabrina
  • Fast Car Peter, the Racing Man
  • The Highway Rampers
  • Veterans of the Road War
  • Mountain Trapper Seymour Listenman
  • Ford F150 Denier Corey Kerns
  • “On Foot Nerd” Mason Victor
  • P.G. Hamm the 36 Year Old Man
  • 23 individuals who don't remember who they are
  • Pampered Davis
  • Laptop typer Charlie T.
  • Port-master Jason Doug
  • The Heavy Set Crew
  • Beach ghost hunter SS. Jamerson
  • Whine trainer G. Raymondson
  • Music Nerds
  • Indie Rock Guys
  • Double Decker Damond
  • business rapper Skyscraper
  • "Finished with his lunch" Edwards
  • Train trainer Jared
  • Some dirty birds by the dumpster
  • Broccoli Chef Reem Titers
  • A man who has risked his life for others
  • Spiced Margaret
  • Tomb Slayer Dan Tiler
  • Cloud Duster “up in the Sky” Trunet
  • Southeastern Man Henry Henderson
  • Janet the “Aloof” pedestrian
  • Cranked up Mike
  • Urination Filtration System Installation Team from P. P. Solutions
  • Ice Camp owner “Frozen Rich”
  • Chase me around town Lori
  • Skeleton Realm Principal J.J. Trainer
  • Horse Bucked Stuntman Gary Go-Rods
  • Television Super Star, Sitcom Wilson
  • Movie Star Master Restroom Peabody
  • Sam’s Dirty Socks
  • A mason jar full of water from the toilet
  • My Ass
  • PHASER! The Chat Mod
  • Gargantuan Stan
  • Dipped Drippers
  • 100 Annoying Children
  • Mr. Hot Feet - “In the Hot Seat” Gar Daddy
  • Stimulation Controller Tasser Sassersons
  • A Big Red Button
  • Flake Taker R. M. Table Master
  • Screamin’ Snake Handler TanTan Tannersonnerson
  • Sweatshirt PeeMan
  • Processed Jane
  • All Humans
  • Super Nasty and Disturbed Individual with Sick Plans and a Nasty Style demeanor, Yaorm Feep
  • Haters with Weapons
  • Sam The Ham
  • Told You So Leenda
  • Pee Pee Masters
  • Gorgeous Pumpkin Theft Tattle Tellers
  • Anti Dance Advocate Mikeal Table
  • Losers
  • Finger Tip extender Teem Star Winnerson
  • Pigg Hater 68Spoons
  • “Equine Daddy’s Club Hostess Horse” and “Facilitation Specialist” Lori Yarnberry
  • Sweeties and Cuties
  • Finger Tricks Master Dannium Stannley
  • Nothing Matters Frank
  • Dana’s Friend T-Mobile Gary
  • Dana’s Friend Salmon Shirt Trish
  • Dana’s Friend Phaser
  • Green Goblins
  • Goblin Hunters Team
  • Goblin Corpse Clean-Up Crew GreenSlop - Be - Gone Solutions
  • Dana the Chat Mod!
  • Basketball Sneaker Squeakers Quartet
  • Sorbet Baby
  • Jason TornMichael
  • Key Keeper Dannold Stayn
  • BurgerBusters
  • Chucklin’ Mark
  • CEO of Farts and Poop out of my ass
  • 156 Tonka Toy Trucks
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB hole
  • Fantasy Tom
  • Excersize Thad, Creator of The Barnyard Workout
  • Jack Black
  • Team Members and Strategy Associates
  • Fulfilling friend Jarmill Tradesman
  • Construction workers from Ireland
  • The waitstaff from Don’s Dockside Bar on Tornman’s Island in Sunspray Beach, Florida
  • Phone Charger Migration Facilitation Specialist
  • Brittish Mike
  • Traditional Phillips
  • Cell Phoner Tide Pillman
  • Gorbulation Modler Todd Rand
  • Lets Eat Outside Henrietta
  • Dozens of Bees
  • Shaved Ancient Guard Stan Steon
  • Ancient Players
  • Phaser Haters
  • A Coleman Cooler Full of Dirty Hotdogs
  • Mazers
  • Kings From An Unknown Land
  • A 12 foot tall Pigeon with huge muscular arms like a bodybuilder
  • The Lets Annihilate Fear Crew
  • Yettiman Mr. Pudding, AKA The Cream Dreamer
  • Coffee Sprayer Gertrude Beardman
  • Viral Influencers
  • Lizard
  • Rap Artists From Atlanta
  • Atlanta Rag Taggers Zig Zag Dance Krew
  • Miniature Dolphins
  • Tech Torture Relief Crew From SkelCorp
  • Mama
  • Smashed Butterman
  • Traffic Borm
  • LeatherJacked Frontman
  • 78 Scorchers
  • Elderly Tomato Farmers
  • Vacationers
  • 2 Step Simon
  • Cafe Cleaners
  • Tightman
  • George and the Sheep Feet Step Krew
  • Rashed Trainer
  • Guess Who Krew?
  • Bartenders From BarBar’s Alcohol Bar
  • Physically Strong Nerds
  • Behind On The Times Nelly
  • The Beatles
  • The Rolling Stones
  • The Rolling Stones Hip Hop Dancers
  • Podcast Hosts of Yesterday’s News Rem Stainer and Tem Stainer
  • Treated Wood
  • Shunned Fishermen
  • My Attorney Sam Wagstaff
  • German Haters
  • French Haters
  • Dutch Haters
  • Irish Haters
  • Haters from The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Math Busters
  • Beef Time Discount Warriors
  • Poop Stainer
  • Nocturnal Davis
  • Backstage Trainers
  • Castaway Tom Hanks
  • The Armed Service Member Union Safety Brigade
  • Peacemakers
  • Lawmakers
  • Scooter “Billing” Watson The Bill Daddy
  • Billboard Victor
  • Glue Handlers
  • A 2005 Airbus A380
  • AirGas CEO Reed Smokemann
  • Disturbing Puppets
  • Noodle Suckers
  • Dipped Fingerman Stenn Railmond
  • Skourman’s Prized Pet - “The Gooseman”
  • Lazy Unproductive Friends From Highschool High on Marijuana
  • Spaghetti Vance, Keeper of the Pasta Palace
  • A large Machine that tortures and kills us if we say a certain forbidden word
  • Lisa Bandmaster - owner of Ketchup CupCakery
  • Teens who smoke marijuana by the abandoned house in my neighborhood
  • Forgotten Heroes
  • Lil Surgery - Hip Hop artist who raps about getting surgery
  • Smarty Pants - the boy genius
  • Mr. Bad - The Original Villain
  • A crisp 100 dollar bill
  • Tasered Mules
  • Todd “Pulley” Lazyman, “The Tied Up Recliner”
  • Basket Cart Decision Making crew
  • Urban Residents
  • Wealthy Canadian Business Titans
  • Sour Cream Dumpers
  • All Metro Atlanta Crossing Guards
  • Paper Towel Wipers Gang
  • Ancient Prisoners
  • Beau Trident - Inventor of the Iced Hair System
  • Standup Comedian Andrew “Rude” O’Reilly - the “he went there” master
  • President of Warmhurst College Jeffery T. Billings
  • MARTA Entertainment Crew All Stars - The Cell Phone Concert Masters
  • School Principal's Bard masterson and Kore Stenson
  • Pizza Party If We’re Good
  • My Dirty Socks
  • My Dirty Shirts
  • Hardcore Scholars With Straight A’s
  • Hardcore Flunkers With Bottom Grade F’s
  • Hardcore overachieving freaks
  • Hardcore Slackers
  • Big Time Testers
  • The Test Makers
  • Report Card Pumpers
  • Educational Study Hornsmen
  • Lunchers
  • Mysterious Janitors
  • Dr. Tight Pants, The Taught Teacher
  • Bully Jock Sportsman
  • Coach Poop
  • Coach PeePee
  • AfterSchool Party Guys
  • ShatPant Steamer Barnyard Franklin
  • Tracy Do More, The Do More Coach
  • Rule Breakers
  • Lazy Marcher
  • The Taster
  • Comber’s Cafe Head Chef Busted Mangoman
  • The One Who Shan't Be Named
  • Listed Rich
  • A large Tornado
  • Frisbee Benders
  • Cartoon Masters
  • Smell Me Band
  • Opulent Servants
  • Sweat Crew
  • Question Maker Jason Mainer
  • Nostril Hole Specialist Dr. Noss
  • The Best Salad In the South East
  • Tweaked Machinery Specialist “29” Damien
  • President John Smith, The President of the United States
  • Vice President John Smithman Vice President of the United States
  • A New Best Friend who is actually a terrible enemy and wants to kill us
  • Tennis Guy Watson
  • Big Ref
  • Chamber Guy
  • Large Bench Sitter
  • Cell Phone Destruction Maniacs “the Pocket grabbers”
  • My Cousin Pencil and his girlfriend Tater Tot
  • Yellow and Brown Stain Makers
  • Mailman’s assistant Coordinator
  • Hilarious Celebrities
  • Taught BalloonMen from “Keep it tight Atlanta Ballon Services LTD”
  • My Ears
  • Door To Door Knockers
  • Local Teens Who enjoy standing in my lawn when there are dozens of other lawns to stand in
  • Mee Henderson, the airport stair runner
  • Coach Mike Tabson, The Beatle Ball coach at Hormell High, Go HORNETS!
  • Adult Male Star Actor - Hardcore Rod
  • Rogue Agents from the united states state department
  • A 2005 Pontiac Aztek
  • Snoop Dogg
  • “Outlets on his body” Mark Johnscreek from John’s Creek, Ga
  • Cowboy Jingle Ball Bells, the western jester
  • The Medieval Birthday Brigade, Protectors of Crown Birthday Balloons
  • Poop
  • BeeHivers
  • Foul Mouthed Basket Brokers
  • The Masked Singers
  • Al Roker
  • Our Team Leader
  • Jason the Placement Angel
  • Soup Poop Poop Poop Poop Soup Soup Soup Owner “Bob”
  • Harness scissor cutter
  • Horse Skydiving Trainer
  • Pignut Hickory the Pork Stork
  • Lip Kissers
  • Dust Pumpers
  • BackPack Pumpers
  • Me! The Fun Man Who Loves to Host!
  • Me! The Fun Man Who Loves to Host!
  • Disgraced Veterans
  • Band aid recycler Toe Manterton
  • Burger King Manager
  • Doraville Burger King Manager, Tina Markus
  • Mr. and Mrs. moo moo, the Milk Makers
  • Siren Bar Owner Barboy Rednightmare
  • Daddy
  • Bel Air Bean Cooker T Man Stan
  • DMX
  • Nathan “Boat Body” Phillips
  • Childish Grown Adults
  • Loud Bar Men
  • Mop Toe Janitor Bayron Tarymon
  • Hardcore Napkin User Nelson Bright
  • “Clean Dork” Taymore Standardman
  • Shrimp Paste inventor - Bayne Pain, The Decorative Shrimp Glue Company CEO
  • Shit Deck Dumper
  • Poop Deck Boy
  • Raining On Time Laster Raiser
  • Painted School Bus Owner Lopsided Karm
  • Bathtubers
  • Sphimmer Appreciation Team
  • Lakeside Dinner Enjoyer Tom “Illiad” Brucerton
  • The Parade Neighbor noticers Garth and Tonson
  • Slick Suited Rudy, the slicked back king
  • Dennis Quaid
  • DL Hughley
  • Gaseous Painman
  • Spray Dirt
  • James Farn from the High Score School
  • Bouncer the Ball Tone Orchestra Conductor
  • Northern Buffmen, The Skirted Warriors
  • Wayland “Never-Torn” Barnes
  • Next Door Neigh - Boars
  • Bulgarian Boy Band - Dork Daddies
  • Hamster Pete from the Scion Commercial
  • Spandex Warriors
  • Star Warriors - Battler’s of the Galactic Brigade
  • Easy Glide Inventor Kevin Yarg
  • Orb Haters
  • Private Members
  • My Buddy From another state
  • My Buddy from another country
  • My Buddy from another planet
  • Ice Down the Damn Back of His damn Shirt Leroy
  • Season 3 Pie Hero Champ - Terry “The Crust Kid” Mapper
  • Wheelbarrow full of tinker toys
  • Incredibly Reliable Technicians
  • Sir Elton John
  • Sike Phillips
  • Doctor Big Bang Yand
  • Childlike Insurance Agent
  • Realm Pumpers
  • Smell Tester for my ass
  • Basketball Fans
  • Backwards Clothing Styler Peel Tyme
  • Neil Parg, The Stun Run Master
  • Harrison Barn-Tortureson, Author of Natural Rods
  • Disgraced Sons - The Family Disappoints
  • Dragons Who Breathe Hot Fire and Wizards to match
  • Beautiful Knee’ed Mike
  • Ed Needler, Inventor of the Human Bird Nest
  • Floor Door installation crew from Floor Holers ATL
  • Scream Crew - The Dream Scream Team
  • Software That will allow us to use our bodies more effectively in the virtual world
  • A locked chest with cobwebs on it that hasn't been opened in 100 years
  • Wealthy mediterranean Men in their 80s who are still in amazing shape
  • The Toenail Mechanics
  • Used Lunch Salesman Tony Beast
  • Gandolf The Great Wizard - Best Wizard of All Time
  • Toned Jeff
  • Beach Queen
  • Urine Plug CEO Starn
  • All Star Boy - The Shining Star Athlete and Musician
  • Popped Muscle Repairmen
  • Shrimp Swallowers
  • Dumps Inside his shorts with a turd halfway falling thru the short leg Peter
  • Large Behemoth Swine which we will cast Pearls Before
  • Stealth Banana Peel Tossing Instructor
  • The Super Glue Surgeon, Dr. Cold Hard Terrence
  • Police Officers from Johnson County Missouri
  • Deceptive Traders Who Disguise Regular Rocks As Gold by painting them
  • The Bag Busters
  • Home Removal Specialists - Tear Down Pumpers
  • My Neighborhood Hide and Dart Crew - The Dart Freaks
  • The Spud Studs - Mash Potato Bodybuilders
  • A deep sadness and uneasiness about the world around us and our place within it
  • Air Air WigBag Pumpers. The airbag Jumped Wig Stylers
  • K-Mart Shoppers
  • Private Contractors
  • Angry Villains With Designs on Our bodies
  • The Janitors Assistant from the Chilis in Morrow, Ga
  • Amazon Delivery Drivers
  • Last PopCorn Devils
  • Elderly Understanders
  • Nasal Passagemen - The Nose Pointing Explorers
  • Jason Bandman, The last Living Rock Star
  • Resort Screamers
  • Pleasure Freaks
  • Pineapple Franklin
  • NewsDoctor Dr. Pammer, The News Hammer
  • Assistant VP of the Sales Coordination Team Marr Starr
  • Head of Strategic Partnerships Lasnt Hannnnneh
  • Recreation Clappers
  • Nude Stump Squatters
  • The Pizza Busters
  • J Master the tortured Tech Sprite
  • The Gilded Age Barney
  • Don't know diddly squat Tori
  • U.S Certified Knee Pumpers
  • Magazine Rippers
  • Jolly neighborhood dancers with jesters bells (A.K.A The Fun Dancers)
  • 89 used washing machines from between 1986 and 1998
  • General of the Billiard military Jaster Freeman
  • Desperate salesmen attempting to appear as though they are in control of the deal
  • The Bucket Blasters International, the pressure washing specialists
  • The splitting buisnessmen of high finance
  • The Trail Masters The Body Blazers
  • Targeted location warriors, the Drop Zone Kings
  • Smokey Robinson, the soda can genie
  • Doodoo steamer inventor the fecal steaming home appliance
  • Inventor of Football, Basketball and Baseball: Jack Sporter Torn
  • The Hunger Elimination Crew
  • The Extreme Beast Spankers
  • Igloo Blasters
  • Trent Lenkarski
  • Michael "Storm Daddy"
  • Mr.Ping Pong Player
  • The Dirt Dummies
  • Hidden Treasures Beneath Our Earth
  • Deep Tony, the Tunneled Funnel Pumper
  • Underground Mechanics
  • Behaving Maniacs
  • Closed-eye Mole Meeters
  • The Mud Monsters
  • Pipe Guardians
  • The Root Suckers
  • A bag of rocks
  • Brown-stained White Tighty Whities
  • Shovel Trouble - The gardening break dancers
  • Mothers and Fathers against Wooden Doweling
  • Larz Randy and Randy Sodamen representatives from the worm powered civilization
  • Planet Designer Thompson Core
  • Mop Town Bucket Jumpers
  • Heated Feet Pockets Inventor Nelson Weatherman
  • The dirt dump holes underneath the toilet on the ship
  • Shorty
  • Arid Desertmen Dance Crew
  • Reminders on out Apple iPhones
  • The Bell Top Dancers
  • Coy Referees
  • Police Officers who Enforce Unjust Laws
  • Motivational Toilet Inventor Steam Doit
  • Tourtured Literary Geniuses
  • Interesting Person Blind Partygoers
  • Beaded Sweat Organization Coordinators from Sweat Solutions LLC
  • Horse to Car Retro Fitters
  • Chef Allen
  • Loving Family Members from Another State
  • Speakers for his mouth Terry Tank Top Lewis
  • Cameras for his eyes Chance Basterman
  • Thomas the Dunce
  • Ear Suckers the Nutrient Obsessed Ear Crew
  • Tooth Stainers the Brown Team Dental Strategists
  • Zero to Hero Test Crew the Body Hardeners
  • Raster Tonic, inventor of Tell Your Boss You Have Worms Day
  • Nugget Toucher
  • The Past Tense Guardsmen
  • Normally Mentated Edgy Guys With Hardcore Edgy Views
  • DorkFans
  • Blame Takers Insurance Crew
  • Advanced Sketch Comedians Performing Perfect Bits
  • Mommy and Daddy
  • Chicken Shit Rick, The Chicken Breast Bed Rest Tenderizer
  • Webmasters
  • Realmer Haters - The Self Loathing Fans
  • “Let’s Try Peace” Grandmothers Against Bad
  • Esteemed Scholars………. Who Have Been Found to Have Plagiarized Their Work
  • Ghostcocking Weapon Specialists - The GhostCocked Warriors
  • Standard Operators
  • The Guys Who Love the Zoo! On Youtube
  • Comedians Who Code
  • Coders Who Do Sketch Comedy
  • Mr. Green Glue, The Horsey WIth a Hair-doo
  • Hushed Movie Viewers
  • Tear Duct Extender Dr. Mike
  • Painful Memories
  • Terrible Mistakes from our Past
  • Haters Who Act Confused who act like they don’t know what I’m talking about
  • Blade Busters, The Individual Blade busting lawn crew
  • January Masters
  • A Brand New Axon Bodycam
  • Vibe Scribes The Ancient Vibe Sensitive Recording Team
  • Mysterious Brown Stained Socks that smell like dookie
  • Miguel Hander
  • Fabulously Wealthy Celebrities
  • Notebook Doctor
  • Dental Floss Climbers
  • Back Up Hosts - Sam Flagstaff and Doug Bleacher
  • Nordic Ship Captains
  • Titans of Finance
  • Rug Suckers, the Cleaners who pay YOU!
  • James Bond and many villains
  • Gloss Sprayers, Paper Glossing Crew
  • HealthSouth Corporation FORM 10-K for the fiscal years ended december 31 2002 and 2003
  • The “Stop Me From Acting Too Weird Online Sidekicks” - The Digital Footprint Watchers
  • Footstooled Pierre, The Tiny Footstooled Butler
  • Goosepimple Gary
  • Big Ass and Small Legged Jason
  • Drop Down Window Ladder Fire Safety Inventor Pastor Henry Teems
  • Internal Designers - Edible Paint Co-Ordinators
  • ET’s from Parsinion Galactic Sector 8
  • Penis Doctor Barry Rembrant
  • Cryogenically Frozen Group of Friends from Braintree, MA
  • The Alabama Ice Cream Spankers
  • Flower Shop DJ Martin Soilton the Plant Dancer
  • John “Your Body is A Wonderland” Mayer
  • Yardbird Stevenson from the Dream Team Immersive Experience Gift Facilitation Crew
  • Hard Chris, Inventor of the Chocolate Dipped Office File System
  • Bad Luck Brian From the Meme on
  • Soda Pourer Rain Downter
  • The Entire Cast from Downton Abbey
  • Coffee Drinking Office Workers
  • Bill “Born” Piller
  • A 70 Gallon Vat of Bisquick
  • Nervous Pencil Spiller Jake Thornster
  • “Back In the Day” Phort Duster
  • Rule Enforcer For our Designated Zone
  • SledgeHammer Physiqued Roman
  • Medieval Ding-a-Ling Singer’s - The Jester’s Companian, The official Ding-a-Ling Diddie Dopes
  • BathTub Full of Wet Skorbs
  • Microscopic Clap Protectors - The Shrunken Clap Protection Crew
  • Ball Bearings from a 1973 Pumpo 1300 Motorcycle
  • A Steak Dinner With Freaking Ketchup and Mustard Squirted on it
  • The Worst offenders - The worst of the worst!
  • Some of the Best our country has to offer
  • Pipe2Hose ATL - the pipe to hose conversion team
  • Gum Gum - Captain of the Dirty Brigaide and Foreman of the Atlanta CSX Trainyard Foreman
  • Dunn King, Lord of the Doe Nut
  • Pants $ # % &
  • Tourists from freaking Japan that are visiting the united states and traveling on a greyhound bus
  • Toilet paper that i used earlier to wipe my freaking ass that has poopy on it
  • Father of Psy, Of Opa Gangnam Style Fame
  • An Epic Orbulated Rock From Anniefied
  • Toy Lovers!
  • Boy Band Scream Testers
  • Basketball Teams from Across the Nation - 22 teams from all regions
  • United States Lovers - patriot Pumpers
  • Penis town Mayor - Mr. balls
  • Yasmin Hornblast - Trumpet Polisher
  • Emotion Lotion Spreader’s Union Leader Lars “77” Kompter
  • Needed Frank
  • Nasty Finger - MooMoo Picker, the nosepicked king
  • Summertime Poolfest Coordinator Marsha Mayhem
  • Blasted Skin Enjoyer Reese Barndog
  • Farmland Speculator Jason Henry
  • Ski Flippers, The upside down Wired Ski Pumping Stunt busters
  • Frog Star Pumpers - The Frog Leg Jumping Acrobats from Outer Space
  • Western Mountain Destroyers. The Rocky Hating Chisler’s Brigade
  • TS49499-001 Mount Inventor Randall Hamm
  • Volkswagen Punch Buggie VW Buggie Bug bugmobile Driver - Garth Brookers
  • Yesterday’s movie Club - the nostalgic movie appreciation crew from Boise Idaho
  • Cats and Doggies who already went pee pee and poo poo outside and in litter box
  • Bald Heros
  • Dana and Linman!
  • Lanced Jepsom
  • The Turd Eating Elephants From The Zoo
  • Behaving Friends Who Don't Scream
  • Marph Gibson, Director of Charred Forest
  • The Do Not Speak Team
  • Belongings Miniaturization Crew
  • Crew Socked Daniel
  • Soaker Psymore, Founder of Wet Pets!
  • Rich Markson, The Piper's King!
  • The Preview Interrupter from when I saw Daddy Daycare in theater Tim Mannster
  • Leg Wrapped Troy, The Christmas Leg Kid
  • The Tire Stretchers From Birmingham Alabama
  • Dancers From Freaking Mars
  • Singers From Freaking Venus
  • Individuals who were instrumental in passing Atlanta city ordinance 138-14
  • Plane Drainers, The Fuel Sucking Pipe Obsessed Employees
  • "Old Style" Guy
  • Some guy from Home Depot I met, Phil Trenzor
  • Bent Toe Walter, The Steel Orb Kicker Who Shocked the World
  • Lorbation Darquinious III
  • Stumped Mark
  • Lason Georns - Shaved Dark Shark Diver
  • From Behind Enemy Lines, Sgt. Barther Tornerstersonsterson
  • Tornado Phillip
  • Beach Pumpers With Burned Skin to Match
  • I’m Ok I’m Ok I’m Ok I’m Ok, I’m Ok Ralph
  • Secure Packages
  • Victory Dancers With Bright Blue Orbs
  • Opened PeePeeButter Jars With a Scoop Missing
  • Poisoned Freaks, Dirty Disgusting Touchers
  • GearHeadsUSA Founder and CEO Pastry Whitiker
  • Band Man With Big Horn
  • Angry Ghost with a pointing white finger of a ghost pointed at me when sleep
  • Pump Hole Watchers
  • Zorn The Green Assed Alien From Gorgus 6
  • “YoYo Toy Dolt” Old Man Sompson, The ToyMaker From Sarasota Springs, FL
  • Thunder Clappers, the WeatherPimps With Shouting Swagger
  • Potential Investors
  • Charming Strangers Who Look Like The Villian From a Classic Movie
  • The Mind Unleashed, An Uncaged Brain with an Attitude
  • Sex Scientists
  • Romantic Couple Who Just got married
  • Romantic Singles
  • Sex Doctor, Doctor Love
  • Pin Up Models from a classic 1950s pin up magazine
  • Attractive male models from calvin klein
  • 10,000 tons of rose pedals
  • Pink Pigs
  • Loving Wife Dolinda Marmson
  • Loving Husband Hank Marmson
  • Couples Therapist, 6 ft11 Nate Porston
  • Romantic Movie Master, Director Tom Tandem - New movie out now: “Love’s Last Pump”
  • 69 Romantic Meals Author Reese Quarn
  • Howard Stern
  • Clean and Romantic Historians
  • Poop Tasters
  • Red and Pink Cheeked Clown Dancers, The Rosy Facial Cheeked Freaks
  • Reformed Dirty Minded Individuals
  • Daters With Pure Intentions for marriage and family
  • Hollywood hunks with huge bodies
  • Former President Donald J. Trump
  • President Joseph R. Biden
  • Hunter Biden
  • Yevgeny Prigozhin
  • Tropical Storm Franklin
  • The BTK killer
  • Rudy Guiliani
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Governor Ron Desantis
  • Hawaii Wildfire Red Cross Disaster Responders
  • Police officer
  • Elon Musk
  • Xi Jinping
  • Valdimir Putin
  • NFL Star Corey Davis
  • Lizzo
  • Logan Paul
  • Britney Spears
  • India - Just landed on moon near south pole
  • Kai Ryssdal
  • NewsMouth
  • Sample Master Tony Biggs
  • Basketball Hole Enjoyers, Not Dirty
  • Nose Bucket
  • Trimmed Hedges From Out Front of the Worthington Mansion
  • My Dirty Arms
  • Bicycle Repairmasters Who Greased My Damn Chain Too Much
  • Little Pests
  • Harmful Chemicals Toxic to the human brain
  • Shut Up Dumb Fucker
  • Dinosaur Explainers Tom and Gary From MeeMee’s Science Museum
  • Balls With Attitude
  • Yarn Comb Inventor David Brookman
  • Happy Customers Who Got Full Refunds
  • Hand Puppet Builder Program Director Basted Porller
  • The Airport Human Chewing Gum Trashcan Ted Marcel
  • Happy Pumpers
  • Emotion Lotion Swallowers
  • Drizzle Gear Enthusiasts
  • Epic Dragons From Days of Yore!
  • Time Tested Docile Elders
  • Magnificent Mansion Creator James Eckers
  • Magnificent Mansion Groundskeeper Matthew StablePumper
  • Down a Dirt Road Harold
  • Spanked Doormen
  • Blasted Beauty founder Wiley Tornado
  • Animals from out back
  • DarDar, the jacked up creature from outerspace
  • Some Dumbass From Wendy
  • Dominant Domino's Delivery Dorks
  • Submissive Subway Sandwich Stackers
  • Loser Phillips
  • Tank Dumbass
  • Beautiful Thomas
  • Computer Speaker Volume Controller Rance Teeteet
  • The Human Lamp, Mohammad “Bright” Al Sarif
  • Beacon of Hope Installation crew
  • Secretive Backyard Traders
  • Orphaned Children From 1920s New York City
  • HighTop Henry, The Tall Shoe Advocacy Association (TSA) Founder
  • Lords of Height, The Tall Elders from Mozambique
  • Judge, Jury, and Executioner, Bill Stampede
  • SandPaper Ulbrecht, The Rough Businessman’ Printer Advocate
  • George Morning, The Good Morning King
  • Mary Spikelazer, Local “Hair Namer”
  • Tormented Basketball Actors from J.P.’s haunted mansion in Crooksville, OH
  • Mr. 1000, The 1000th Skeleton Realm LIVE! Guest
  • The Last Honest Men and Women
  • Behind the Dumpster Squat Daddy, The squirt in the dirt Maniac dump dropper
  • Dr Naval Wiper
  • Burping record store owner, Flank Stem
  • Bastard and Son of Bitch, Dogless Mason
  • Injured Billboard Model, The Broken King
  • Reverend Roy, the Pokémon Priest
  • Bruno Mars
  • Sleep Rider the Slumber Driver
  • Jimmy Marter, Digital Eating Contest 2-Time Champion
  • The Pun-isher, wordplay torture artist
  • The Cave Pimp
  • Queen of the Crane, Delilah Crane, creator of Whistlin’ Beams, Crane Operator Prodigy Savant *Virtuoso
  • Decomposing Floater, John Doe
  • The frozen evaporator coil of a 2014 Hyundai sonata
  • Namer Wiz, B.B. Sebastian, can name all 10 states
  • “Boo-Ya” Boing Paulson, Ghost DJ
  • Talen-ted Eagle Guys
  • Trash Adams, Poop Clown
  • The Ace Eternal Acreage Edger, Kentucky Sisyphus and his battery boy Caleb
  • Newlyweds Himbo and Bimbo Smith
  • Beexli Price, whistleblowing janitor at the Underwater Hotel
  • No Patience Pet Polygraphers Clay & Geare
  • Billy Washington, damned to march the barren, ash covered earth alone for all eternity
  • Mayor of Towne Pointe “the exploding town” Bourme Pleason Van Wilson-Hector II
  • Tired Pilots
  • 22 Year Old Geniuses
  • Board Game Collectors, The Board Hoarders, The gaming jerks
  • Large Man
  • Small Man
  • Film and Television Expert Tony Ray Edwards
  • Plugged in Runda
  • Little Soft Mounds of Clay
  • The Orchestrator, AKA the puppet master, The man behind the lies
  • Tank Talkers - Battlefield loud mouths
  • Missing Tips Peterson, The No-Tipped Maniac
  • Fusion Restaurant Guide, Heather Eatonton
  • Bald Futurists
  • Infants who have been foretold to Be Great Leaders of Men and Conquerors of Nations
  • Treehouse boy
  • Skeleton Realm Magazine September 2023 edition!
  • “All Day Long” Tampa Torn Stephanie
  • Little Braces Inventor Dr. Gam
  • Spongebob
  • Prove It Peter
  • Terrance The Pie Stander. The PieShoed Compliance Officer
  • Tax Collectors from the IRS
  • Surfers With Goosepimples from seeing a massive wave
  • Baby Bucket
  • Straw Hat Ignition Pranksters
  • Employees from our nations businesses
  • Yeoman Farmers
  • Highway Exit Centimeter Moving Crew
  • Body Warriors - Battlers Of the Physical Realm
  • Georgia DOT Tall Bucket Enforcers
  • Winter Hose Heaters LLC
  • Janitor
  • Hardened Co-Pilots of the StarBrigade StarShip Gewrm 998
  • Recently Awarded Mathematics Students
  • “Pickle as a Treat” Reward Crew
  • Rooftop Sleepers, The Weighted Roof Strengthening Technicians
  • Masters of Payments
  • Under Desk FootRope installation team from Lowes
  • Knobbed “Marriot” Harriet, The Controllable Man
  • “Dump Day” Dizzy Dart Champion Sorman Hord
  • Spray Me Atlanta! Owner Kevin Utopianman
  • Pain Tolerator Reeter Essence
  • Dogs With Big ass Paws
  • Marina Gibbs - Inventor of the Poop Parachute
  • Curtain Puller Davis Poeint
  • Concrete Spankers
  • Little Brown Gorbs
  • Scholars from Harvard
  • A Treasure Chest with forbidden treasure inside
  • Jar Jar Binks
  • Dolphins
  • 80 Year Old British Rockstars
  • Demented Skorn Jumpers, The PowerPumped JetMichaels of Horson’s Brigade
  • 24oz Of Pickle Cream
  • Playwrite Henrietta Marckus, director of “Hot Pipes!”
  • Rocket Kickers, The Ass Kicking Rocket-Toed Bash-Daddies
  • Scoffing Toe Toy Inventor Yardo Reel
  • Happy Man
  • Demented Halloween Freaks Ready for October
  • Train Salesman Poop Nerpher
  • Batallion Commander Jeff Niland
  • Busted Pumps
  • Dirty Dorknobs
  • Hardcore Dancers Here to do The Worm on the freaking studio floor
  • Gasoline Jerks
  • Santa’s Minions
  • Golphers From Asia
  • Memphis Meet Up Swag Team Collision - The Egyptian lords Vs. Dirty Southmen
  • Gary larsen
  • Walter Norn, Owner of Poison Corn, the weight loss corn emporium
  • Knee Ballons Inventor Igloo Typhoon
  • Mitsubishi owner Sarah “Reeses Pieces” Andrews
  • Lost Hikers From 1988
  • President of Jorminican Democratic Republic of Southern Orn
  • Fun Poopers Who hate our Fun
  • “...Two Lost Souls livin’ in a fishbowl… Year after year… - “Pink Floyd”
  • The 2018 “Yes! Sales Pitch Completion Award” for Ranardo Seamon
  • Exp Poe Expo Attendees
  • Tony hawk
  • Tony Hawk’s brother
  • Tony hawks neighbor
  • Trail Lubrication crew
  • Mouse Trap Users for pleasure
  • DaintyPainting Showcase Pumpers
  • Author P. Michael DD creator of the “BustingVerse” Superhero universe
  • Welsh Professional Video Game champions
  • Working Out with Peter Host, Peter Smith
  • Harsh Noise Fleet, the neighborhood noise Blasters
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Hairy Armed Mark Doster
  • Tortured Enemies
  • FireHouse Subs, Quiznos, and Subway Subs Sandwhiches
  • Maze Mopers
  • Singed MeeMee
  • Clean Never Before Used Toilets
  • Horror Orbs, The Orbs of Pain and Horror
  • Pencils
  • Mrs. witchfreak
  • Toast Piercer Knifeman punctureboss
  • The Sat King
  • Grass Clippings from mowing my lawn
  • A torn michael
  • Little pieces of paper
  • Basket Burner
  • Jason Richards from highschool
  • Travis Richards from highschool
  • Race Car Drivers with big booty butts
  • 2000 little thingys
  • Mechanized Gorbs
  • Nasty Disgusting Neighbors dumping garbage in they yard
  • Needers, The object needing citizens of earth
  • Dunced Principals
  • Pouridge Dipped Carrot Sticks
  • Vibrant Shapes with beautiful bright colors
  • Ancient Coin Lovers
  • Modern Coin Lovers
  • 10,000 Dollar Bill holders
  • Money Winners
  • Rubber bands!
  • Punish me sign installers
  • Screw it, Tatertot
  • Joyful Colleagues
  • Disrespectful teens with zero respect for their elders
  • Highway observation dome security guards
  • Helen of Troy, Epic beauty of ancient style
  • Old Tires from ComCom’s ClownCar
  • Ice Cream Dwellers, The Tiny Frozen SweetBud Blasters
  • The halloween Grinch
  • 243 Hand Towels
  • KitKat Bar Michael, The Desert Dining Expert
  • Scissors Locator
  • Pumpkin Spray Inventor and CEO
  • SheildSmiths competing for who make best shield
  • Banished Villagers who were annoying as shit
  • Best Friends Who Do everything together
  • Open Sign Esther
  • &&&&&&&&
  • Pasta Burner, the tableside noodle ignition crew
  • Peter Stormpdonster’s Model Crawfordville Credit Union
  • Roadster Ram, The Driving King
  • Basketballs From Tom’s Garage
  • Banana Trickers and Stealers
  • Corn Destroyers
  • Bartholemew’s Son’s
  • Popped Fluid Orbs, The Totally Drained DrySpheres
  • Hand Tightened Screws
  • Members of an Elite Club Which has Forbidden Scrolls A’swell
  • The 2008 King
  • Happy Dancers
  • Digital Fuel Crew, Wire Powering Heros
  • Safe Family Members who have gotten home safe
  • Underpants Freak!
  • Mouse Trainer, Tina PooPoo, the CheeseHanded Rodent Wrangler
  • Taken Aback Stan
  • Chinese Food!
  • Pizza!
  • Tyler Reps, the Reptile loving Tile Repper for “Rep Styles”
  • Tarquinius Vaarsuvius Maximus
  • The Petite Pooping Patriot’s Patriotic Patio Pooping Chair
  • Crooks with hardcore intentions
  • Pasta Chefs at the downtown center
  • DooDoo Theif
  • Homicide unit from Lorm county using our facilities
  • Recruiters from SEC universities
  • Legal Counsel for each viewer
  • The Mayor
  • “Above the law” Sharon
  • First Offenders
  • Ticket Receivers
  • Basket Pumpers
  • K-9 poop scoopers
  • Buccees manager Tim Edwards
  • Members of the Salty Dog Cafe Co. Board
  • Oakley representatives
  • Sketchers Men’s Footwear advocates
  • Horses from
  • Community Engagement Crew
  • Poopy
  • Twin Maniacs on the loose
  • Skum!
  • Dorm Turd
  • Loser Pumpers The Dom Dont Play Gang
  • JayJay Corky Ton Ton The Scuba Dumped TieDye Teddy Bear Fitness Boss
  • Little Mermaid
  • Genie from bottle and genie from gold thing
  • Lazer Hair Removal Victims
  • THE Resturaunt owner tootootootootorijhellls
  • We R Strong foundation
  • Manmade gorbs
  • Backwards Practicers. The Roadside runners
  • webmaster
  • Buckets full of that slop we all know and love
  • Hamster Gear Xtreme, the extreme athletes who love they hams and they hams gear
  • Billiard ball kevin
  • Tasted Food
  • Thanksgiving Toe Curer Dr. Jeffrey Teeder
  • Dont ever give up foundation founders Milly and Simon Keymeister
  • Ludacris
  • The fast food freak
  • Stunted Horn Dumper
  • Ray Ramono
  • Ass’s from clown town
  • Pipes from the Jonesboro ford dealership
  • Decorated Villians
  • A movie viewer - Todd Dodd Stomp Johnson
  • Shrunken coins which are now worthless
  • Baby Back Ribs with Sweet Honey BBQ sauce on them to match
  • Wipe Counters
  • Nasty Kitchen Worker Spitters
  • Tongue tied Beasts of Yore
  • The WaxTaxi Dribbler, The wax Drizzling Cab Driver
  • Humble Servants
  • Ancient Structures From Tormippoli
  • Young Adult Youtube Commenters who should be immediately promoted to TV execs
  • Boring Wire Nut’s - the boring electrical installation crew
  • Battery Powered Ham
  • Tied For first place, The Battle Brothers
  • Mr. 99,000
  • CowLeg Dangler, the propped up dangle-legged bovine leisure king
  • Puncer
  • Garth Tom - owner of Mayonnaise Heaven
  • Burned and “blasted swag” donning thankers
  • Long dolphins
  • Peanuts and peanutsquirt tomb Glue Salesmen
  • Dressed up dalmatian breeders
  • Beatrice Yorn, Chafe inspector
  • Family Members with rude t shirts
  • Rooftop GarGyle installation crew
  • Two large ice cold glasses of lipton iced tea
  • Sand Caked Hair Nerds the desert dessert, Sanded Mop Top Donners
  • TurkeyMeat Scissor Cuttor
  • Football Mike
  • The Parade Dweeb
  • Garmichael’s Son Harn, Harn is troubled and needs guidance
  • Jorms Boxer’s That he wore for a month without washing and he never showered also
  • Fart Squirt AKA browner’s gravy, The prank drizzle from Mikes Variety Shop
  • 1 pound of refined granulated sugar
  • The Tweezer Taunter
  • Thanksgiving astronauts, the first in space thanksgiving meal havers
  • Phaser!
  • TornLeaders
  • Cheese Dumples
  • Little Stain Storms
  • Happy Little skorms, With little pipes
  • Tanya Big mac
  • Screamers
  • Long Tickler JJ Maptodd
  • Hurt Basketball Coaches
  • Naked Creatures from Nuder’s World
  • Kickstanded Mike
  • Heat Seeking Missles that seek Fun and laughter instead of heat
  • SudyPumped PartyDorks! The StudyParty Dance Krew
  • Raysumm’s Catch Gang. The Fisherman’s Assistance Technicians
  • PieSpankers
  • Janitorial Crew From Nuder’s Holiday Island - Specifically the Buffet Zone seat cleaners
  • “Try Ketchup!” Initiative Founders Beth Torn and Skim Torn
  • Goblins From The Cave Where I Met Mr. Scum
  • School Teachers who confused me about basic arithmetic and grammar rules
  • Dirty Planners
  • A Chest Who’s Contents have remained a mystery for eons.
  • That one thing that got me trippin
  • Tarnished bald headed christmas spankers
  • Our Dumbass neighbor who works at
  • Twisted Designers - Warped Engineers with designs on screwed up objects
  • Snowballs!!!
  • The Necromancer’s Pump Hole owner Jason Brigsly
  • Blasted Eyeball Roadway Designer Yen Shin
  • Roof Rollers
  • Soldier Gary from Soldier’s Pass
  • Old gorb stars
  • Bank tormentors
  • Daisy Sucked Tooth Racers, the Dentists Preferred Race Car Drivers
  • Gas from the Mainstreet pipe
  • ToyTown Muscle Busters, the Pizza Pumped fantasy temptationmen
  • Horns with attitude
  • Nothing but Cream, The CreamSteam CleanTeam
  • Banksy
  • Newspaper buttcrack wipers, newsprint therapy proponents
  • Vocation Vacation Stations Coordinator for The Southeastern United states
  • Official Original American Homecare Incorporated Clock
  • Sosumm The Christmas Twig
  • Teetorn Lizard Chefs
  • No one Pumps Anymore Chase Facilitators
  • Grinch Haired Jason
  • Gerald Ford
  • Authors who wrote about Christmas in their stories
  • Tomato Smashers
  • SnowBlasted Cookie Flatteners
  • Cave of sorrow destroyers - the hero’s of negative space blasting
  • Bank vault janitors
  • Salad Bar Engineers
  • Classic Style Cats
  • Jeering Robots from The EliteZone
  • Raincoats with holes in the front for mechanisms
  • Greek Politicians
  • Grinch Clowns, the Angry Anticheer green mimes
  • Never Going To School again Rena
  • Oceans of Gorbsauce
  • Pump Me Town Crier
  • Hillary Duff
  • Toilet Golf Pros
  • Carol Singer
  • Potato Collecting Beehive keepers
  • Chasing Mike Director Tim Dolphin
  • The Clever Baked Beans Cook
  • Twin Physicians
  • Basketball maniacs
  • Peripheral Characters in the story of our lives
  • Dangerous Drivers who were in control the whole time
  • Jason Malmoa
  • Extremely tired hedons - suffering with guilt after pleasure blasting for decades
  • Mountaineer Flat Screen TV installers - entertainment installation hiking crew
  • Images and Video of me messing up in life to serve as comedic relief for this otherwise serious and somber show
  • Wound Up Anxiety Crew - Mind Torturers
  • Soft Warm Blankets used for Resting, However there are terrifying images on them
  • 12 young men With homemade Rain Sticks
  • Lyle MacIntyre, Scottish born Businessman and Entrepreneur born 1953
  • Boasted Thomas, The Post-Boasted Individual
  • One More Christmas Cookie Decider Clarence
  • Dire Straits
  • The One Knows as Phaser’s Friend, AKA “PF”, AKA “P”, AKA “Mr. P”
  • Jorse
  • Pumpdoctor the tiny torn stumpdoctor
  • Say more Tier - The big talking show tier with social Steeze
  • Door knockers
  • Hazmat water spray team
  • DaySon the dandelion Shoemaker
  • Country music superstars who also have hidden magical capabilities like from Harry Potter
  • ToeNeck Studabayker - toenecklace king
  • Injured warriors who are whining too hard about it
  • The caboose from the line when I went to TunnTunn’s Tacos
  • Bank Rods inventor Yumm Thompson - coin rod storage solution
  • U-Haul pranksters - the personal painted cargo van trickers
  • Line cook touchers who touched my fries
  • PineCone Adjustors
  • Painted Dinos owner Jan Hanmeyer
  • Number One Team in the nation - The Fighters
  • Broadway musical - TableTown, Director Watson Phillipson
  • QualityPump, The SimpleGlide Upgrade Installation Consultants
  • Daytorn, The Mighty ScubaBeast Wrangler
  • Chaffe Bluechimp, the balljested Sitter
  • Trail Trailer Whitiker Monk
  • Last Resident of Tarn Ohio
  • Mr. Time, the clockmaster
  • Math Busters
  • SailorCream Research Assistant
  • Naken Garthinians from Garthinia
  • Sweet Sugar BonBon, the sweetest man on earth
  • Shaved Horses Playtime Boss, Manager Thomas Tass
  • Tazer Kings, The Zapped Chauffeurs
  • Lion King Stars Simba and Others
  • Fifty stained one Dollar bills from Buster’s Ketchup Barn
  • CityTree Maintenance Manager Krystal Bortinium
  • Squirrel Jones, the Epic Squirrel
  • Epic Warriors from Garsinius
  • Tormatious Maximus from Darquinious Nebulon, the StarPumped Galaxy Center
  • Bug Bunny like from the cartoon
  • Taste Me! Storm Doctors
  • Baking Sauce inventor
  • Viable Routes to Reach success both physically and non physical in nature
  • Holiday Wakers, AnimalDreamers, Part of the MeMoreSleepers “Character Brigade”
  • Two Body Mike
  • Playtimers, Elderly ball pit Players
  • Python snakes!
  • Alpha Bit - download service
  • Par King, King of Par, here to show off his new ParCar
  • Dazed Lunatics With trampoline sneakers
  • Socks all the way up my leg that stay super tight all the way up and dont sag down
  • Beet red dinner guests
  • Wealthy Land Owning Scribes
  • Biscuit Burners, Butane Blasters
  • 400 Gallons of unleaded gasoline
  • Trymark The Standed Quart Dork with a Partial Pardon from Governor Mike Narson
  • Torn Toenails - rejected specimens from the body museum
  • Band Leaders from big bands with awesome horns
  • Baked Lays Inventor Raynull Withers
  • Victorious Pests, the Ones that “Got To us!” Pests that made us pissed!
  • Jacked Up Tennis Goblins, Ball Grabbers Who got Torn up in battle
  • Graduating seniors, Senior citizen graduates of the Jason Academy
  • 007 James Bond
  • Clinical Helpers
  • Jason’s Megalithic Structure Report Author, Jason Richmond
  • Teeny Tiny Michael
  • Bartholomew’s Feast Preparations Coordinator
  • Bribed Umpires with stuffed pockets spilling over with coins and bills
  • Boring Old Westerners
  • Beat Designers For
  • Pickle Salesman From FoodLion who is performing corporate espionage at Publix
  • Dust Guzzlers, The Dirt Pixie Stick Handlers
  • Underneath Style Car, Bus, Trains, Planes and Horse Riders
  • TeaNut inventor, The TeaStyle Infused NutSnack
  • YarnFuse protestors, Picketed Dynamite Industry Critics
  • Real Friends who don’t talk crap about you behind your back
  • High dive users who conquered their fears long ago
  • Ignoramus Jameson from Jameson’s Cave in Bigsworth Canyon
  • Fireworks Instructor from Explosion Acrobatics
  • BeeTorn Paperwork’s CEO, CFO and CTO
  • Happy Restaurant Owners pleased by your great yelp and google reviews
  • Understood Foreigners asking for directions
  • Campfire Candle, To Keep Us Warm
  • Paul Beanie
  • Torn Institute janitors
  • Basketball hoops
  • Jason the MichaelMan
  • Loud Tappers in a huge cacophonous cave
  • Uber Eats Drivers That Used Our Tip Money To Buy important things for themselves and their family
  • Big Bags Henry
  • Little not very nice House Butler
  • Fogged Up Windshield Enjoyers
  • Popcorn Hoggers
  • Harry Potter
  • Utility Brigade. The Utility Boys Back at it with a super useful swag
  • Mushroom Burners with fire extinguishers ready
  • Happy Shrimps who will not be eaten and instead kept as pets
  • Nerd Jumpers
  • Nasty Spoon Finder
  • Statues that came alive from the freaking museum!!!
  • Hand Carved Walking Sticks From the Festival at DorDor Park last weekend, Carved by Mike
  • Sonic the hedgehog!
  • Potato Tech Straps Inventor Peter Michallez
  • Football Stars with a brand new Official Football Brand Player’s Ball To giveaway to one lucky fan who can prove they love football the most.
  • Krote Reinhold, the Farmer Frogman of Bavaria
  • Handed Down Grandfather Mr. Betterman
  • Jason’s Friend Michael
  • Regurgitated Guest From Many Episodes Ago
  • Mechanical Helpers, The Tiny Tool Team
  • Bugs From the backyard with messages to share
  • Hand Picked Experts in Tartology - CandyScience Experts
  • Long Staves From Medieval Days That were used by important figures
  • Cleaned Cloths Ready to be used throughout the house
  • Quick Dancers who you cant even see they are so fast at dancing
  • My Shoes!
  • Erased Data From All Realmer’s TrashBuckets and Search histories
  • Parking Lot Deal Haters
  • ColaTom, the CocaCola Tank Trickster at Cinema8 MovieTown Plaza
  • Justin Michael, The FashionBoss
  • Martians From Mars with spacecraft and they are also green!
  • Large Rotund Man at Kohls who spit all over me in line for the bathroom
  • Pumped and Rounded Heel Havers
  • Twisted Lance The CircusKing and Heir to Lance Brand Snacks
  • Dogs With Attitude (GOOD!)
  • Kraft Parmesan Cheese!
  • Acer the World Famous Ace!
  • Torndon Flyer of Cloud Whirlpool
  • Pissed off individuals
  • Bank of America Branch Manager Tom Tonns from East Atlanta BofA
  • 90 “Gosh”ers
  • Muddy Pumps
  • Nathan’s Buddy
  • Scorched Tips
  • Tricks of the Trade Committee Members
  • McDonalds french fry
  • Hopeful Maids who did get a treat
  • Blown Out Socks, with exploded blown out holes
  • Smashsmiths, the artisanal smashers
  • Bark from a dirty tree
  • Brass Bropondals, The hang down charms made of pure bright brown brass
  • Man and Wife
  • Paul Henderson the Windex King
  • Doctors With “Boarders” - doctors with assistants who use wooden boards
  • Nestle Chocolate Goblins who live in the big stump, the chocolate is from their bodies but is not poop.
  • Susan and MyMy
  • Twisted Heroes
  • Giant Statue Cleaners
  • Banned Horns
  • Nearby Wealthy Statesmen
  • Never before seen Documents
  • Masterfully Rounded Sphimms with Tails and Gorbed Tips
  • Pardon Me Timbers Harshner, The Polite Pirate
  • Justified Line Cuters
  • Beehorn Yelpson, The Bee Beckoning Bar Basher
  • Gifted Students with Orange Hats
  • Mic’ed up Sharks from SharkMic on Animal Planet
  • Real Humans
  • Mummy From Egypt
  • Tractor Dreams Crew - Farmhouse Tempters
  • Magic Markers and Crayons from DipDong’s Reality Chamber
  • Secret Map of all Treasure Hideout Location, Most treasure of all time on the map
  • Energetic Pets from all world - most energetic pets of world.
  • CEO of BULBR, the lightbulb app
  • Linus Traykeymeyer, the Question Keeper
  • Harry Potter
  • Stoutham the flame topper
  • A big fat bowl of baby broc
  • Hardcore Anihilators
  • Victorious Henchmen
  • Pieces of Dorn Collectors
  • Metallic Skorb incineration Team
  • Cookie Teasers
  • Achilles tendon spankers from Gauntlet’s Bar and Grille
  • Team Falcon and Team Eagle from BirdGames
  • Musicians with awesome charisma
  • Pencil Vs. Pen animators
  • WokMaster Chefs from Satellite Grille, “Where Your meal is busted on the satellite”
  • Tennis Shoe Artists
  • Teddy Bear Losers, BearNerds From The Mall
  • Inventor of Sandwich Tube, AKA Sub Pipes, Sir Terrance Rowron
  • A Massive HammerHead Shark who can talk english and will sit at the desk
  • Backflip Dancers From My neighbor Raynce’s Daughter’s Sweet 16
  • Candidates for the 2025 Human Utensil along with 2024’s HU, Roger Torze
  • Select Items from MuscleHome, The muscular furniture HomeBrand
  • A Premium TimeTotem by ArenaFreaks, The Roman Colosseum - Protection dome included.
  • Detroit MangoMitten Sidewalk Chalkers
  • Jason’s Deli owner, michael sanders
  • Mandated Toe Tip wraps for professional athletes
  • Florida James, the one legged beached Displayman
  • Heather Gorsonton, Breakdancing TomatoWoman
  • Never Excited Rockstar Fans who came to scream
  • Rockstar Idol himself
  • “We Are Strong” Proclaimers from TOTALGym
  • Performing Cafe employees and customers - real life play actors
  • James “Rudolf” GolfCart - the Clubhouse Kid, inventor of PullWork GolfBody System
  • Dogs from down the road
  • Gum Machine Mechanic with Packed Cheeks
  • Married Men and Women from Little Rock arkansas
  • Appetizer Rob from Longhorns ®
  • Honey Beanuts! The refreshing spring honeynutsnack
  • BodyTool TransformerCrew CEO Rad Stern, Here to give one lucky realmer a bowlbody
  • Nasty used cups that were just used for water but are now unclean
  • Mark Trade, TradeMarked Trade Marker for The Mark Traders Union
  • Traffic light screamers from Butts county ga
  • Jason’s Favorite Vehicle. 1964 Taster6400 with bowlseats and a Strapdown
  • Tantalizing Treats from Stewart and Melissa
  • Birthday Stains Collectors
  • Scandinavian Turtles
  • Yard Sale ALERT! Yard Sale Mike
  • Barking dog keychains for pranking
  • Fish wearing swim trunks from Jerry Michaels “House of Oddities”
  • Party Dips Finger Testers with clipboards
  • DorkFlippers INC, The Submerged ClaculatorGear Swim Instructors
  • A dyson vacuum cleaner named, Thomas First of its kind
  • Skin Tight Sock Facilitation Crew - The between the toe Sewers
  • Famous Celebrities with awesome new tech products and services
  • GymNachos, SweatGormet - dumped and dripped nachos from the dirty locker room
  • Crabs from Jamaica
  • Totally For Aesthetics Pipe Lovers - The Piped home decor freak-team
  • Weapons specialist Polar Bear GoreMichael, The Studious Arctic Blaster - “WhiteDesked G-Mike”
  • Hacker From Space who hacked the space station and put a virus on it
  • JumboJam Tension rods. Test the Tension of the Jam NOW!
  • Ipad Roy. The Blasted Entertainmentman or the Walking Screenfreak
  • Human Vendors from Deeter’s Human Mechanics Workshop
  • A Loydson’s Standard Model Can - The hardcore receptacle we know and love
  • Stozen The Frozen Stone Man. Frozen Stones on his legs for freezing seafood
  • Secret James
  • Tight Tussleman
  • GameTime Sports Police
  • The Farm Turds
  • Shaved Gentlemen
  • Borrowed Sunglasses from Garson’s Door Dump
  • ButterStained Morsels From LittleCafe
  • Garquin’s Final Column
  • EasyTrue, The SpeakerMouth TrueBrainSystem LiePunishment Device
  • Fish from the dirty river, and The RiverBank Sand Chef
  • RoosterBoots MusicBox Collection. Squeaked Rubber Rooster Tunes Revue
  • Dane TopSoi Garden Organizer - A SpringSquanderer’s Worst Nightmare
  • SockBreached Wilson, Man who tightened “too much” and he feet went thru the sock
  • Chalkboard Wrestlers
  • QuickJump Software inventor Lyle Strongssenn
  • Painted Dolphins here to debut the Dolphin Mist Home Systems by MistWorks
  • Electric Horn Brigade. “Lighting Bolt Toot School”
  • Australian Dumbasses
  • Hobo BooHoo
  • You!
  • Paul Beanie
  • Whistle Tormentors
  • Dog Donalds Co-Pilots
  • Journey Scab Crew
  • Die Hard Maniacs
  • Tank Tornado Masters
  • Panda Pumps, Elongated Gliders
  • Hand Stord, the nordic hand
  • Giving Team from JaceRace Kia Jonesboro Georgia
  • Bank Top security Force, Bank Lid Installation and security team
  • The Yundred AKA the Yummy Hundred Fooder’s Fast Dash Meal Deal All Star Route Restaurant Owners
  • River Dome Exerciser
  • Some of the guys from out back
  • Screaming Hot Metal Pipes and metal instruments
  • BirdHouse Dynamite crew. Blow Up Your Birdhouse!
  • Question Wizard
  • Bald Basketballs and Footballs aswell as soccer and tennis balls. ALL BALD!
  • Waiting for 100 years Tase, he is 65 and has been waiting for only 1 year.
  • Grill Pills. The newest SwallowGame for Grillers and Lovers of Cooking outside
  • The Original Potato Couch
  • The Milk Smoker
  • Daster The Surf Ghost
  • Many Amazing Stories told by elders
  • Trybob, The Try hard Western WilsonGang Leader
  • SandMonsters from sandholes next to beanbag beach club on Taylor’s Island
  • The Crew That Changed Sir Michael Tommhs Tire
  • Various Boiled Fabrics
  • Spiderman Bill
  • TrouzerPipe inventor Sid Mitchell
  • Horses who want to “know me”
  • Shelf Jeans! A 12 pack of pre stretched shelfjeans
  • Desire Pranks Writing team
  • HeaterBed Tech Renovation crew - turn your hot water heater into an area for sleeping
  • Chew Doctor, the Enjoyment Food Freak
  • Torn Bullies with Bullyfied MarkSpots
  • Charred Doorknob collectors from ChewCity - the gumsmackers paradise
  • Followers From Jason’s Greek Cafe who followed me since 1998
  • BillyHat! The Talking Tophat and Pre digestive chew system
  • WeatherNado, The multiweather “Rain or shine Tornado” - Tornados EVOLVED.
  • Resting SpunTords Of Professor Michael’s Top Student Group (TSG)
  • Banded Spandex Ball
  • Big Squat Torn
  • Lazer Hamburger Insideman
  • Here Hearing Traffic Light Screamers
  • The Dogs From Downtown, The downtown dogs
  • MoreTanks Rachel
  • TravelTips, the wakeful pokers
  • Naked Users, NakedNet System Adherers
  • Frog Jumpers From Kangaroo Zoo
  • Diamond passers, Fecal PRessuremen
  • Large Snakes From Reptile Zoo, with goo!
  • Hamster Ham Hole Wrangler, Backfliped Ham’s inventor
  • Utopia From My Wildest Fantasy
  • Poison Sticks and Non Poisoned Liquids to cure the poison
  • Yapping Dog Dogs, the singing K9 plush toys from RichardsGifts
  • Mechanical Shirt Inflation Systems
  • Popped Loved ones
  • Morning Time Sunlight Directors from the edge of world aka edge of cliff
  • Awareness Center For My Elongated Shoulder Dweezles
  • Scrapers! Kalamazoo Michigans worst scrapers
  • Powernet, 2.8 Inc 16oz Ball - OutWork OutPlay
  • Gum Droppers
  • Skin Team from Mega Solutions
  • Hand Cranked Stair Movers
  • Jason Adorno, the Twisted Tire Mechanic, Spiked Maniac
  • Ham Cola Pumpers. Spray Hose ColaGang
  • Patrons of Darndo’s Tavern With Mace and Tasers
  • The Lettuce Bugs!
  • Subterranean Golf Hole Observers
  • Tiger Woods!
  • CEO and Founder of Cyber Jacket LTD Yaund Handpiler
  • Cookie Ketchup Chef inspiration crew
  • Beatles Songs CD maker From Boise, ID -
  • “Dang, yall Suck” Shannon, the backseat pessimist
  • Le epic Bacon star war Redditors from
  • 12 Bodybuilders from spain
  • Poopdoor Solicitor Repellent Crew
  • Never Before Seen Realtors
  • SpiderBank’s Officer of the month, Gerald Gertrudeson
  • Octopus Michael
  • Dr. Peacock, Bird of Ages
  • Dollar Bill Taker From Backseat Door Crew
  • TwoCan Sander, the folk art hero
  • Trymore, the Wood Sided Man
  • Hero Cam CEO dan sonda
  • Ornament Obsession Therapy Consultants
  • Dry Pumped CandyStacks
  • Anderson Johnson, My Life Sucks Simulation Salesman
  • Dweebed Male Bimbos
  • 8 Charred Hamburger Buns from DarkBuns Outdoor Burger Bar
  • Tall Corn Stampede Dressers. Costumed Cornmen With a running plan
  • Exit Strategists from Michaels Horn Supply
  • Zoo Dalmations, Pets or Penned?
  • Baseball Couriers. Hidden inside Ball Message Givers
  • Body Modded Dish Washers. Yellow Handers
  • Michael’s Body Score
  • Stats from DamonRalph’s Company Picnic
  • Ellis J. Matthews, The Popcorn Architect. Signature style: Butter Dripped Rain Gutters
  • Parking lot camo blenders, the “HIT ME!” stealth crew
  • Ultimate Heros From Roscoe, Alabama
  • Toast Screamers
  • Time Tested Lurkeres
  • Ray’s Jubilee Preperation Team
  • Weak Punishers
  • Maniac Table. The Dinner FurnitureGame
  • Bibb Screen Technicians - Upside Down Video Crew
  • Robotic Noded Michael - The Data Storage Input King
  • The Founder of Treadmill Roads, Ned Umpireson - Has CarFitness App Trial Codes
  • PreDanced Basketball Mascots For Beating Up (consensual)
  • MegaWhistle speaker system inventor Hal Jasesons
  • Mr. Wig, Children’s Playwig - BabyEdition, the Tot’s Toupe
  • Trunks Smacking Trunks Producer Elwig Joorsongen - Dipped Peanuts From the Show!
  • SquadBod Friend’s Fitness Tracker
  • BugScreamers Insect Repellant Freaks
  • ToastPork JamHeads
  • Pointed Tip Maniacs
  • Cream Dipped Acorn Pranksters
  • Vortex Manipulators From Days of Yore
  • Hand Systems Creator Maymore Phant
  • Prank Holes Concrete Filling Team at Concrete Pump Partners LLC
  • Garthyou’s Pyramid from Destination 6. It will be “PowerPumping” the episode