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The March 2023 issue of Skeleton Realm Magazine

Skeleton Realm Magazine is a monthly digital online American english language "leisure-zine" produced by Skeleton Realm and MeMoreTV. The Magazine is edited by Doug Bleichner and Sam Wagstaff. It is released on the first of each month online through the website The magazine accepts submissions in the Skeleton Realm Discord channel "Skelemag" and via email through

Skeleton Realm covers a variety of topics including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, literary criticism, history, science, mathematics, sports, hobbies, lifestyle, fashion, and more. It has been described as "a fascinating mix of leisure and fun in magazine form." The magazine has been praised for its "unusual blend of leisure and fun."

The content that makes up Skeleton Realm Magazine each month is also derived from Skeleton Realm Contributors.

In 2024, Skeleton Realm, in collaboration with MeMoreTV and The Quicklinks Open Source Consortium, added a Zinification Tech tool to Skelepedia, in order that submitters to the zine might have an easier time converting their submissions to the required .pdf format and sizing requirements (8.5"x11" at 150dpi).


Month Full Issue
July 2024 SRMJuly2024Cover.pdf
June 2024 June2024cover.pdf
May 2024 May24Cover.pdf
April 2024 April2024cover.pdf
March 2024 SRMmarch2024cover (1).pdf
February 2024 February 2024
January 2024 Coverjan24.pdf
December 2023 Coverdecember23.pdf
November 2023 CoverNov.pdf
October 2023 CoverOct23.2.pdf
September 2023 Coversept23.pdf
August 2023 August2023Cover.pdf
July 2023 July23Cover.pdf
June 2023 June23Cover.pdf
May 2023 May23.pdf
April 2023 April23Cover.pdf
March 2023 March2023zine.pdf
February 2023 SkeleMagFeb2023.pdf
January 2023 SRMJanuary2023.pdf
December 2022 SRMDecember22Cover.pdf
November 2022 SRMNovember22.pdf
October 2022 SRMOctober2022.pdf
September 2022 SRM082022.pdf
August 2022 SRM 08 2022.pdf
July 2022 SRM 07 2022.pdf
June 2022 SRM 06 2022.pdf
May 2022 Coverissue1 (1).pdf
April 2015 SKELETON TIMESfinal.pdf


Skeleton Times, the precursor to Skeleton Realm Magazine, freshly printed from Kinko's (now FedEx Office) in 2015

Skeleton Realm Magazine was created in 2022 by Doug Bleichner and Sam Wagstaff. In 2015, the two produced a one-off, 14-page, black and white print zine called Skeleton Times, which featured cartoons drawn by T. Lee Gunselman titled, "Spanky's Circus" and "Funny Farm". After the acquisition of Skeleton Realm by MeMoreTV in 2020, Bleichner and Wagstaff were tasked by MeMoreTV executives to revisit the idea of producing a leisure zine for fans of Skeleton Realm. After several meetings, Skeleton Realm Magazine was born.


SR Magazine Print-Studio-1 Headquarters, Kattankulathur, Chenna

In 2022, Skeleton Realm was nominated for a Big Man Award in the category of "Best Magazine Ever." In 2022, Skeleton Realm won the "Best magazine" award at the Gorgon Awards. In 2022, Skeleton Realm was nominated for a Hugo Award in the category of "Best Magazine." In 2022, Skeleton Realm was nominated for an Eisner Award in the category of "Best Magazine." In 2022, Skeleton Realm was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in the category of "Superior Achievement in a Magazine."