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An illustration depicting a Swock in the 1700's

Swocks or Swagged Out Colonial Kings, were colonial kings from Belgium whom in the 1700's were renowned for their ornate outfits. Swocks were the first to start the Thanksgiving holiday and travel the world selling the valuable substance popcorn. Swocks generally met up at the Swock Dock in Belgium and would often play card games or dump boxes of tea into Belgium's waterways. The Swock Dock was also where the first Swocks left Belgium to sell popcorn and meet the Turkeymen.[1]

Departure from Belgium

In 1776 three Swock ships; The Pop, The Corn, and The Popcorn were loaded up with 800 metric tonnes (882 tons) of popcorn and left Belgium starting across the Pacific Ocean so the Swocks could sell their popcorn in the Americas. The Swock ships however never made it to the Americas, as one year after the start of their voyage, while most of the crew were distracted one night, Hans Chromen came into contact with the Wicker Orb that was amongst the cargo and proceeded to drill holes into the bottom of the main ship to stop the popcorn from being traded with the world[2]. The three ships then crashed into a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, sending the 800 tonnes of popcorn sinking into the water. Many Swock crew members died that night, including the body of Hans Chromen, the rest of the Swocks were washed upon the rock they then called "The Swock Rock."

The First Thanksgiving

The remaining Swocks on the Swock Rock struggled to stay alive, with little food salvaged from the wreckage many Swocks resorted to eating rocks, crustaceans and sea gunk that washed onto the Swock Rock. The Swocks were very emaciated and were on the verge of death with no hope of ever returning home, when just then the Turkeymen came out from the Swock Rock and saved the Swocks by bringing them to their underground city. Inside the city the Swocks were all fed a grand meal with the Turkeymen gathering the sunken popcorn for what is now called "popcorn soup" and the Turkeymen king sacrificed himself so that the Swocks could eat him and survive. After the meal the Turkeymen helped to rebuild the Swock ships and joined the Swocks in their journey back to Belgium. The Turkeymen went on to serve as jesters for the Swocks and other Kings around Europe upon their return to Belgium[1].

In Popular Media

The Swocks and the Tale of the first Swock Thanksgiving are often forgotten about and intentionally removed from historical records for reasons unknown.

In Skeleton Realm LIVE! episode 31 it was reveled via a 23 and I DNA test that co-host Doug Bleichner is a descendant to the Swocks[1].