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You are The Chosen One[1], and a hardcore Realmer. You are also in possession of the Skeleton Realm files and are wanted in Denmark.[2]

Legacy as The Chosen One

Unbeknownst to you, you have passed every single trial thrown at you with amazing grace and skill. Proving yourself as The Chosen One without even knowing.

It was reveled to you that Skeleton Realm LIVE! was actually not a figment of your imagination, despite long believing that to be true when it really was just a test.

You must now be on the lookout for signs in your daily life Chosen One, as they will start appearing whether you want them to or not.[1]


A picture of you sitting, image taken by Doug Bleichner

In Skeleton Realm LIVE! ep.23 and ep.57, Doug and Sam noted that you've really changed, you've started heading in a direction that is not the best for you. The show never stopped being funny, your sense of humor has just changed and that's no reason to start disliking the show. Just know that if there is something going on we are all here for you and care about you, we know that you'll come out of this a stronger and better person.[3][4]

You also caused quite a stir when you interrupted Skeleton Realm LIVE! ep. 39 hardcore style by not waking up to your phone alarm right away. The Realmers were not pleased, and Doug and Sam were forced to wait for you to wake up before they could continue the episode. Not cool dude.[2]