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Skeleton Realm Studios is where Skeleton Realm LIVE! is filmed! It is also the location of MeMoreTV hermit; HeHow's hermitage.[1]


Skeleton Realm Studios has been relocated multiple times since it's conception, most notably after Skeleton Realm LIVE! ep.16 when on August 10th, 2022, a fishing vest Sam purchased at a thrift store blew up their studio at the top of the Bank of America Plaza building in downtown Atlanta[2][3][4], forcing Doug and Sam to find a new location for filming. Currently, Skeleton Realm Studios is located on the 59th floor of the Truist Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia.

Interview with Jason TornMichael

In the March '23 edition of Skeleton Realm Magazine[5], acclaimed journalist Jason TornMichael visited the new Truist Plaza location of Skeleton Realm Studios for an interview and gave an inside look of the studio's interior. TornMichael describes the Truist Plaza Skeleton Realm Studios location as being filled with long corridors and one notably vast open room, where in the center Doug Bleichner and Sam Wagstaff have set up the iconic yellow curtains. These curtains are home to Yellowmenn's Trench and the very same curtains that can be seen behind Doug and Sam in many SRL! episodes!

SRL Medieval Style Dungeon

During Skeleton Realm LIVE! Ep. 47[6] it was revealed that Doug had created an elaborate Medieval Style Dungeon beneath Skeleton Realm Studios in the Truist Tower as a present to Sam. The dungeon is entered through a door on the floor of the studio that drops straight down the 59 floors of the Truist Tower to its underground location. In order to create the dungeon and give it that medieval style Doug had used a backhoe to clear out the layout, hired various goblins to live in the dungeon by paying them dried toenails and pennies, and he then pissed and shit on dirty laundry he put in a chest. Doug had planned on keeping his involvement in the dungeon's construction a secret to Sam but wanting to stay honest he confessed to Sam that he did in fact orchestrate its construction. Doug made it up to Sam however by offering that they both be Co-Keepers of the SRL Medieval Style Dungeon. The goblins continue being paid toenails and pennies for staying in the dungeon.

Skeleton Realm Studios 2095 Plan

In order to better follow global demographics, Skeleton Realm Studios is planned to be covered in at least 20% grasslands by the year 2095[7]. Skeleton Realm Studios also plans on getting overall gender viewership and employment ratios to match global gender statistics.

The Bullet Mystery

During May of 2023, Skeleton Realm Studios employees Doug Bleichner and Sam Wagstaff came across the grizzly sight of a completely flattened fired bullet casing. Curious as to how the casing could have possibly ended up at the 59th floor of the Truist Plaza without anyone noticing, Doug and Sam hired the help of forensic analysts on Fiverr to come up with some theories as to it's origin.[8]

Mr. Wind Theory

The first theory on where the bullet came from is that Mr. Wind had simply tossed the casing through one of the various windows that Doug keeps open.

Sentient Bullet Theory

It is speculated that although there is no recorded evidence that bullets can be sentient, that doesn't mean that this bullet could have been sentient and walked it's way into the studio.

Bull-It "The Bullet Bull" Bullet Placement Beast Theory

So far the most compelling theory is that since Bull-It "The Bullet Bull" was in Atlanta that week, it is possible that he placed the bullet inside the studio without anyone's knowledge.

Don't Worry About It Theory

The final theory theorized was simply to not worry about where the bullet came from and to just move on.