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Phaser sitting in Dana the Chat Mod's Seat Before an episode of Skeleton Realm LIVE!

Phaser is a Skeleton Realm friend and guest who has appeared as both a preferred guest and preferred friend on several episodes of Skeleton Realm LIVE! Phaser first appeared on the 2022 Thanksgiving special, showcasing a rare antique wicker orb which he claimed to own.

Phaser often times appears as the Skeleton Realm LIVE chat moderator, filling in for Dana the Chat Mod when she cannot make it to the show that week.

Early Life

Not much is known about Phaser's early life but many believe he comes from a large family. Phaser is considered to be "American" and "very old."

Possession by Hans Chromen

In 1941 while Phaser was working at an abandoned farm in the Netherlands he was hung up on a post, shot at and left to die. Phaser would have died at that time, if not the peculiar Wicker Orb washed upon shore and rolled up to Phaser. Inside the Orb was the spirit of Hans Chromen the Dark Swock Lord, who then possessed Phaser and brought him back to full health with the power of the Wicker Orb. Hans continued to possess Phaser's body for the next 82 years, letting Phaser continue his normal life while occasionally taking full control of his body to commit his nefarious acts.[1]

On March 8th 2023, in order to fund his quest for universal domination Hans Chromen, in control of Phaser's body, robbed the Crawfordville Credit Union and shifted the blame of the robbery onto Skeleton Relam LIVE! co-host Doug Bleichner. Hans Chromen was eventually removed from Phaser's body with the help of Chromer and the SpringBall Augmented Reality Experience by MeMoreTV during episode 50 of Skeleton Realm LIVE!, avoiding the Dark Chrome Future. Judge Judge Faster, who was presiding over the robbery case, found Phaser not guilty of robbing the Crawfordville Credit Union since he had been possessed by Hans the Dark Swock Lord.[1]


Discussed on episode 44 of Skeleton Realm LIVE!, the spelling of Phaser is contested. The most common alternative spelling is "Phazer".