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You are reading the homepage of the official website of Skeleton Realm, which is one page of an encyclopedia called Skelepedia. Below you'll find media and information on topics like our weekly talk show.

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July, 2024

Skeleton Realm Magazine, July 2024

Article Spotlight

Doug waking up in NewsWorld during episode 90.
NewsWorld is a higher media plane Doug and Sam were sent to in episode 69. Episode 70 takes place entirely in NewsWorld, an environment covered in newspapers, with Doug dressed as a newsboy and Sam dressed (presumably) as a newspaper with a dark suit and white skin to match. Since episode 70, Doug and Sam have been using MeMoreVR goggles to control avatars of their bodies in "reality prime."

Are You Sure You Knew...

...that Sorm's used to provide "gas hole pipe exploration events?

...that Skeleton's Playtime Puzzle! is an upcoming MeMoreTV board game?

An artist's rendering of Tribe Hb-238NA.

...that Tribe Hb-238NA was a group of hominid nomads that created Orbs nearly 130,000 years ago?

...that Klaus Verchwörer died from 7 self inflicted gunshot wounds to the forehead while inside a dumpster?

...that Skeleton Realm Studios houses a large medieval style dungeon with classic goblins to match?