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You are reading the homepage of the official website of Skeleton Realm, which is one page of an encyclopedia called Skelepedia. Below you'll find media and information on topics like our weekly talk show.

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November, 2023

Skeleton Realm Magazine, November 2023

Article Spotlight

A classic sporadic beasting physique, showing the extreme of both phases.
"Sporadic Beasting" is a system devised by professor and hiller Doug Bleichner, where an individual undergoes a rapid transformation, becoming extremely muscular over a six-month period, followed by a subsequent six-month period during which they become morbidly obese. "Sporadic Beasting" aims to maximize muscle growth while simultaneously achieving leanness and is renowned not only for its manifold health benefits but also for its intriguing impact on social interactions.

Are You Sure You Knew...

...that Corey Tower is an old steam power smoke stack that displays graphics created by T. Lee Gunselman?

...that Fabricia is a 2022 Medieval-Style Fantasy Comedy novel written by Doug Bleichner and is the 1,501,483rd best selling book on Amazon?

One of Trashimage's many Belfs.
...that in order to join Hatreon members must complete a rigorous background test to confirm their hatred?

...that Trashimage is known for his distinct profile pictures which feature gnome like creatures AKA "Belfs"?

...that Swocks were Belgian kings that sailed to the Americas to sell popcorn?